Great Family Vacations - kids happy on holiday

Happy kids on holiday

For month after month you’ve saved up all your hard earned cash, perused the web for the best available deals and sat fantasizing about your dream vacation while you were meant to be at work. But as you get stuck in to the latest John Grisham novel and your second daiquiri by the side of the hotel pool, a familiar voice pipes up: ‘Mom, I’m bored!

Yep, while you may have made every conceivable effort to ensure your vacation provides just the right blend of relaxation and cultural attractions to suit yourself, you may just have forgotten about the children.

This might be understandable (kids get loads of vacations and they only have to work till 3pm), but a failure to adequately cater to the various whims of your darling angels will likely leave you susceptible to a two week bombardment of huffing, strops and outright mutiny which is sure to spoil your trip.

With this in mind, here are 5 family vacations that’ll keep the kids happy while you get on with the important business of enjoying yourself.

Great Family Vacations in Cairo Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

  1. Nile Valley, Egypt

Egypt is a fantastic destination for adventure-loving kids, with its great blend of wondrous ancient archaeology and inviting modern comforts. No visit to Egypt would be complete without visiting the amazing pyramids at Giza, and kids will be amazed by these incredible structures that they may have read about at school or seen on TV.

They’ll also love the opportunity to explore inside some of the pyramids and live out their Indiana Jones style fantasies. Away from the monuments and landmarks, there’s a chance to relax in the famous Red Sea and enjoy the bustling markets and delicious food of the busy city streets.

Great Family Vacations in Amsterdam


  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam may not seem like the best destination for family vacations, but in reality the city has a huge range of attractions that are suitable for children. Sure, Amsterdam has a very active nightlife scene, but in general, any areas you’d be uncomfortable with your kids exploring are located in one small area of the city.

Outside of this, there are numerous cultural delights to enjoy including amazing paintings at the Van Gogh Museum and the house of Anne Frank, along with the incredible NEMO science and technology center where kids can interact with live science experiments and explore a world of hands-on technology.

Plus, there are numerous beautiful parks and the fantastic Artis Zoo for when you want to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors.

Great Family Vacations - Underground-city-Turkey

Underground City, Turkey

  1. Turkey

Turkey is a fascinating country that fuses influences from Europe and the Middle East, creating a unique culture that will keep the whole family enthralled.

The landscape of the country is perfect for family vacations with beautiful beaches where parents can relax and children play and rocky pinnacles and caves for the whole family to explore.

Turkey’s unique mix of cultures also makes for some fantastically varied architecture including grand castles and palaces, imposing fortresses, incredible ancient monuments and beautiful, ornate mosques.

Turkish people are also renowned for their hospitality and are usually very happy to accommodate families with young children, so your kids may just be in for some serious spoiling!

  1. South Africa

If you’re looking for an adventure travel vacation, South Africa offers a great mix of wild attractions in a stable environment. South Africa provides some amazing wildlife excursions, with the Addo National Park offering families the chance to see the ‘Big 5’ of elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalos and leopards in their natural environments.

Kids will love seeing these amazing creatures, and may just learn a few things to help their school studies while they’re there! There are also some great opportunities for older children to try some adventure sports like rock-climbing, rafting, bungee jumping or even taking on one of the highest abseils in the world down the incredible Table Mountain.

Great Family Vacations at Cordoba in Spain

Cordoba Bridge, Spain – Image by geek_patrol

  1. Spain

Spain is a country rich in culture and despite its reputation for a relaxed pace of life, still has plenty to occupy the kids while you relax. There are some great locations for activities like horse-riding, canoeing and cycling and the idyllic scenery will appeal to adults and children alike.

Kids will also love attractions like the Aqualand Bahia in Andalucía which features an amazing array of slides, pools, wave machines and flumes. Even mealtimes seem geared to entertaining children, with traditional tapas allowing families to order loads of portions of different dishes to share, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

With destinations like these, you can be sure that the kids will be kept happy and entertained throughout your vacation, allowing you to relax and enjoy your break without having to worry about boredom or temper tantrums!