Hungarian Spas

Hungarian spas hold high esteem among many Europeans, as well as tourists from every part of the globe. With its abundant supply of natural curative hot thermal waters – thousands of repeated visitors flock each year in the area. There is even a saying that in Hungary, it is enough to push a simple stick into the ground and up will come glorious thermal waters!

A relaxing and rejuvenating visit to a Hungarian spa is undeniably an interesting thing to do when visiting Hungary. So, after a long-day of sight-seeing, there is no other better way to refresh your tired muscles than to soak up in one of the famous thermal Hungarian spas!

Below are six of the best Hungarian spas you can choose from.

The Széchenyi Spa Resort

A must-see for any visitors of Budapest, The Széchenyi Thermal Baths is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe. The Széchenyi palace’s internal facade is painted with a rich bright yellow colour to resemble the summer retreat of a decadent Roman Emperor.

szechenyi baths palace

And just like a Roman Emperor, you’ll truly feel majestic as you head inside this palatial complex. Thermal pools, saunas, frigidaria, steam rooms, mineral pools and showers await you there! You can even stay outside, sunbathe and swim in the pool which is surrounded by baroque statues and bronzed bodies.

Also, statues of water gods and dolphins which surround the three outdoor pools are entertaining.

 The Széchenyi Thermal Baths features more thermal pools which you can probably count on your fingers.

Also, worth-noting is its numerous steam rooms and saunas which have become a major tourist-favourite. For many, the highlight of The Széchenyi Thermal Baths are its two thermal outdoor pools. These outdoor pools are enclosed in a courtyard, thus truly becoming an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the city-life.

The Gellért Spa Resort

The historic Gellert Spa is one of the most prestigious thermal pool in Budapest. It was originally built in the year 1918, at the foot of Gellert Hill which is next to the beautiful green iron bridge (Szabadság). This Hungarian spa will definitely draw awe from you with its sparkling bath, open-air pool with artificial waves and full medical services.

Always remarkable is its interiors.

This spa boasts a wealth of original Art-Noveau furnishings, sculptures, artistic mosaics and stained glass windows. The main hall of the bath is Art-Nouveau inspired and is topped by a vaulted glass roof. Also, the gallery which surrounds its pool is supported by monumental Roman-style columns.

No doubt, The Gellart Spa is an outstanding spa haven which combines modern technical developments with rich historical heritage.

Lukács Thermal Bath Spa Resort

The Lukács Thermal Bath lies in the ancient Frankel Leo street. Imposing as well as regal, this spa haven imitates the style of the 15th century. Bask in the glorious views this spa offers. Its sunbathing area of the roof features a unique panorama which opens to a narrow and scenic street with tram traffic.

Opposite the building, there is also a line-up of great things to see: a Malom-lake covered by water lilies, a crumbling Turkish bath, a picturesque hill,  the Saint Steven Chapel and some 150 year old apartment houses.

Well-known and well-utilised water sources are available at the place of the Lukács Bath. Outside its building is a spa-park with giant sycamore trees and outdoor swimming pools.

The thermal and the physiotherapy sections of ORFI (National Rheumatism and Spa Institution), on the other hand, are housed inside. Also worth-noting is its elegant drinking hall and the ancient tablets of gratitude placed on the wall for decades.

Miskolc Bath Spa Resort

This Hungarian spa has been recognised for its waters’ therapeutic qualities since the 16th century. The only spa of its kind in Europe, it has thermal waters which flow at 30°C in the natural passageways of a cave. Soaking up in its thermal cave bath will surely create a new experience.

Aside from the natural cave bath, you can also spend your relaxed moments in the spa’s indoor and outdoor pools, aqua park, or in its thermal pools. You can even soak up with your kid in their children’s small pool. Furthermore, different kinds of treatments are available, such as massages, mud-pack, therapeutic gymnastics, sauna, solarium, etc.

Miskolc waters contain magnesium-hydrogen-carbonic, radon and calcium. So, if you have any motor disorders, rheumatism, some backbone problems, or heart and blood system diseases, then this spa really suits you the best.

Orosháza-Gyopáros Medicinal Spa Resort

Gyopárosfürdő lies around 1.9 miles from the centre of Orosháza, in a protected natural area on the banks of Lake Gyopáros. Known as the “Pearl of the Great Plains”, this spa will definitely give you the full relaxation you want. The spa’s waters consist of natural alkali-hydrogen-carbonate content. Thus, it is helpful in curing various loco-motor diseases, inflammations, rheumatism, arthropathy and gynaecological diseases. The waters are even thought of as being good in rehabilitation after accidents and operations.

Heviz Spa Thermal Lake

One of Hungary’s greatest thermal spa wonders is the Heviz Spa in western Hungary.  Unlike most other hot spa resorts in Hungary, Heviz is famous as the home of Europe’s largest natural thermal lake, in which you can relax and swim all year round, even in the icy Hungarian winter.  Read more about Heviz in our Guide to Heviz Hotels and Spa.

Hungarian Spas

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