Staycationing in the current economic climate is a popular alternative to holidaying abroad, as for many holidaying in the UK can prove cheaper than a holiday overseas.

But this is where the sensible decisions can end for some, as when people choose to holiday at home they are taking risks they wouldn’t normally with their holiday insurance.

Holidaying in the UK - Devon

Research by, the UKs leading price comparison website, has found that over half of British holidaymakers would happily staycation without taking out travel insurance.

Whilst less than 20% would holiday in Europe without adequate cover and only 10% would travel long haul without insurance.

For some the thought of travelling in the UK brings misconceptions that nothing can go wrong when it comes to travel arrangements but unfortunately this isn’t the case.

The recent ash cloud brought disruption to domestic flights and anything can happen when it comes to rail travel too, only this week trains have been cancelled due to the hot weather affecting the lines and causing delays to many holidaymakers.

Holidaying in the UK - Bodiam Castle

Whether travelling at home or abroad any disruption to your plans can be distressing and it is always worth protecting yourself against any unnecessary extra costs. Holidaying in the UK and can be very expensive when things go wrong.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at said “Over the last few years we have seen a number of high profile incidents such as holiday company and airline failures, strikes and the Icelandic ash clouds all impacting travellers. It is therefore essential to make sure you have adequate travel insurance in place to cover you for all eventualities.”

If the Channel Islands seem a viable option for a holiday close to home, it is important to know that you are not covered on the islands by the NHS and so without travel insurance if you were to become ill whilst over there it could result in a hefty bill.

Holidaying in the UK - Portsmouth

If you do decide to travel abroad this summer, another finding of the research was that many believe they are adequately covered with a European Health Insurance Card independently of travel insurance, by some even if travelling outside of the EU!

Bob Atkinson continues, “Worryingly, some of us will rely on an EHIC card for our insurance cover. While this helps out towards some of the medical costs, it is not a replacement for a travel insurance policy and will leave many nursing not only their health but a hefty bill. I recommend taking out a suitable travel insurance policy as well as an EHIC when travelling in EU countries.”

EHIC’s provide the same level of free medical care provided to the nationals of the country you are visiting, what you are not provided with is any cover for additional medical expenses and other vital assurances a travel insurance policy covers you for, such as delays or cancellations of transport, loss and theft of luggage and personal liability to name but a few.

Whether you choose to holiday close to home and enjoy all the staycation has to offer or opt for further afield to exotic climes, it pays to do your research into your travel insurance, failing to do so could result in a much more expensive getaway than you had initially bargained for.