If you are looking to spend a few weeks away exploring the Styrian countryside & the city of Graz, Harry’s home hotel is a perfect hotel to stay in.

Harry's Home Hotel in Graz

For the month of April, we booked out an apartment in Harry’s Home Hotel in Graz. It was a fantastic experience to live so close to the city and be able to enjoy the local things here.

harry's home

Hotel rooms are very well furnished with designer fabrics and contemporary furniture. The kitchen is well equipped with all the essentials and hobs etc.  Internet connection costs 25 Euros a week via LAN if you request a connection in your room, or free WI-FI in the lobby.  For 10c/min you can watch some great wireless wifi connected TV too.

The cleaners come once a week and do a fantastic job.  Car parking is free. Breakfast ranges from 5 euros for small and 8 euros for large, its very good too.

designer furniture at Harrys home hotel

Harrys Home Hotel has a lovely staff who are happy to help at every instance.  Whether it be a small or a big job, the staff were super friendly and tried to speak in English with us at all instances.

Top 10 Things to do when you’re staying at Harry’s home hotel-

  1. On the 4th floor there is a terrace which looks out at a local football pitch.  Its a fantastic view.
  2. There are some really nice woods near by where we often saw deers, absolutely worth exploring those.
  3. Visit some spas around
  4. There are pilates, aerobics etc, classes going on in the school halls, check them out
  5. A nice sports centre is just across the road and costs only 7 Euros a day, enjoy the facilities.
  6. Supermarkets are a stone throw away, so you can buy some nice ingredients if you fancy cooking your own meals
  7. Nice cooking school across the road near the Spar shop, enjoy lunches there, cheap and super tasty
  8. Go mountain biking in the woods, its just fantastic! If mountain biking is not for you, then go cycling along the cycling paths – they go a long long way to villages near by and to places for you to explore
  9. Enjoy the markets in the city of Graz
  10. Go up the mountain Shoeckel (Schöcke)– take the cable car up and enjoy a meal at Halterhütte cafe (Try topfenstrudel & Kaspress– Knödelsuppe)

harry's home graz

There are numerous thermal baths including Rogner bad blumau in this region which are absolutely worth going to. Check our post for thermal bath info here: http://hotels-fairy.com/styria-austria-spas/

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