Taking a gap year abroad - Volunteering archaeologist abroad

With university fees being pushed up to the £9,000 mark for the academic year, it’s no wonder potential uni students are beginning to panic. Skipping any kind of gap year and rushing into your place at university to beat the competition may sound the perfect way to dodge spiralling debt, but realistically you couldn’t be more wrong.

Forfeiting your place at the perfect university and signing up to a course that you’re not 100% prepared for will only cause you unnecessary stress and the painful realisation that you’re missing the chance to build a whole year of experience to stand out from the graduate crowd.

There’s no amount of money that can substitute experience and with such a variety of gap year opportunities available, you’d be crazy to miss out.

Instead of rushing into anything, invest in a camera and leave all your university worries behind you as you embark on one of the biggest adventures you’ll probably ever experience.

Returning with a clear head, independence and a special collection of lifetime skills, a gap year prepares you to take on the world. So why not start planning your own gap year experience by reading about some of the best opportunities below.

Volunteer abroad

Whether you’re saving the lives of endangered species in Africa, or building new homes for people in the poorest parts of Costa Rica, volunteer work is an excellent way to see the world and make a difference at the same time.

The work may be challenging but you’ll have the chance to meet amazing people, learn useful skills and embrace the ‘feel good factor’ (not forgetting building an impressive CV) along the way.

The experience of helping someone or something for nothing will stay with you forever and all it really took was a small fee and the confidence to step out into the big wide world. From disadvantaged families, to endangered animals, volunteering opportunities need someone to provide time, motivation and dedication to make a difference.

Don’t worry about planning your trip either, once you’ve chosen the place you want to dedicate your time to, specialist gap year travel companies will do all the rest. You’ll have all the assistance you need such as a pickup from the airport and somewhere to sleep, all you’ll have to do is put all your effort into your chosen cause.

Get paid to see the world

Okay so working abroad may not sound very tempting to you without any cash rewards for your hard work and time, but don’t stop reading just yet. You’ll be happy to know there are tons of exciting opportunities for paid work all across the world and they don’t all involve shovelling manure or stuffing envelopes.

Seeing the world and getting paid along the way is one of the most popular choices for gap years. With opportunities for work such as jobs in bar/restaurants, hotel receptions, Graphic Design/IT work and Au Pair jobs, working abroad is a brilliant chance to make money and gain experience whilst travelling to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. paid work

You’ll meet new friends, learn important skills, earn money to help pay your university fees at home and explore new cultures and places around the world. Working abroad isn’t like working at home and with all the excitement of travelling you’ll forget that you’re even working.

Whether you choose to settle in Sydney, be a camp counsellor in Canada, or earn cash whilst travelling around the North and South Islands of New Zealand, you’ll have the freedom to work, travel and have fun at your own pace.

Taking a Gap Year to Teach abroad

Teaching abroad is becoming more and more popular with a wide range of teaching jobs available in the most exciting locations around the world. To teach abroad opens opportunities for you to learn a language, work and get TEFL qualified as an English teacher and travel the country in your spare time.

Be an integral part of school life in China, make a difference in South Africa, gain confidence with handling large classes in Malawi or immerse yourself in authentic continental culture in Southern France. Wherever you choose to teach in the world, you’ll gain a true insight into the culture, language and beautiful sights of the country around you.

You won’t be left on your own to find teaching work. Specialist gap companies will help you along the way with completing your TEFL course, food, accommodation and a placement within a school in the area for just a small fee.

Taking a gap year to teach abroad

All the stresses of university can wait, there’s too much opportunity with a gap year to miss. Taking a gap year abroad is an opportunity of a life time. A special gift to yourself that is priceless!!!