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So we’ve gathered together some of top travel websites that we’ve stumbled across, as well as friends in the travel industry that we think you might find interesting, useful or just plain fun.

Our Favourite Hotels and Guest houses

Aptera Hotel

A family run hotel in Chania Crete. Offers visitors the peace and quiet of a small family-run hotel, far from the tourist crowds, noisy night life and big hotels.

Deep Green Lodge

Our favourite place to stay in Cornwall, hosted by the lovely Mike and Lou, just meters from the beach and Newquay town centre.

Our Favourite Travel Blogs

The ancient city of Aptera – Archaeology & Travel blog dedicated to the ancient city of Aptera in Chania, Crete.

Specialist Hotel & Car Hire Websites


Flight Deals Sites

Skyscanner – Skyscanner searches over 600 airlines and 670000 routes to find cheap flights and airline ticket deals.

Travel Blogging Sites Travel Blogs – A wonderful personal travel blogging site that lets you share your journey with words, photos and videos.

Travel Blog Exchange – If you’re already blogging about your travels, why not get involved in this great community of travel bloggers.

Thales Director – Thales Free Directory Web. A free directory.

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