There are thousands of DJs in the world, so just where can you find the world’s best? Well, they happen to be everywhere. Some are in Paris, others are from the Netherlands, but great music is worth traveling for. This article will go through some of the world’s best DJs, so if you love the music, you will know exactly where to look.

Where to Find the World's Best DJ's? dj-david-guetta

David Guetta

David Guetta
Recently named one of the world’s top DJs, David Guetta is unlike most of the other top DJs. Most DJs at this top spot are known for trance music, but Guetta is best known for his house, melodic and electro beats. Often DJing in Paris, Guetta also makes frequent appearances in America, especially since many of his albums do amazingly here.

As both a producer and a DJ, Guetta has a major appreciation for the DJ culture. While his music of choice is electro and house, you will often find other dance music genres infiltrating his trademark beats. Go to Paris if you want to see this legend in action.

Armin van Buuren
This Dutch DJ, known for trance music and amazing stage presence, is always a top favorite among music and DJ buffs. He’s been around for years and years, and he often top the charts for many of the world’s best DJs. If there is one thing better than his DJ style and song choice, it is the stage show he puts on.

Buuren doesn’t like using other singers and artists. Instead, he uses a mass of moving stage parts, specialty LCD screens and hand-picked performers to put on a show unlike any other. If you want to see a musical spectacular, then you need to see Buuren in the Netherlands.

When he’s not playing clubs in his native home of Sweden, Tiesto is playing in America to college students in LA. Formerly known for trance music, Tiesto has recently moved on to electro and progressive. He is constantly trying out new beats and styles, so you never know what to expect from this DJ.

An avid remixer, Tiesto is always taking music and making it great for the dance floor. If you love dancing at all, then you need to check out Tiesto.


the World's Best DJs

Deadmau5 – Image by TonyFelgueiras

Constantly traveling around America and Europe, Deadmau5 has just started a new UK tour, but he can be anywhere in the world at any one time. Known for playing his own music, especially dubstep tracks, Deadmau5 knows how to work a crowd and put on a great show.

If you are into some heavy electronic music, then you will love Deadmau5. Just search him out, usually in America or UK, and you will see one of the best shows of your life.

Above and Beyond
Known for their obsession with trance, Above and Beyond is a major DJ group usually found in America, though they have also traveled to Russia, the Middle East and almost everywhere else in the world. One of the best things about Above and Beyond is their need to constantly improve. They constantly watch fan videos of their performances to see what they can do better, and their music has provided a much needed catharsis for many of their fans. Through sad and fun times, Above and Beyond’s music has provided all the therapy many people need to get through their lives.

Another Dutch DJ, you can normally find him either in the Netherlands or on one of his various American tours. Known for his hard-hitting electro house beats, Afrojack never leaves a crowd wanting more. He satisfies their every need right then and there so you leave feeling like you experienced something bigger than music and bigger than life itself. If electro house is your thing, then you need to see an Afrojack show.

Finding one of the world’s best DJs can take some traveling, but if you love music and can’t stand listening to those second-rate DJs, then the trip will be well worth it. Just search out one of these top DJs, and you will see a show that you will never forget. They always aim to please, and you will feel that when you hear their songs.

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