Part of the joy of travelling is enjoying some of the local atmosphere. This includes more than just enjoying dining experiences and area tourist attractions. Finding an entertaining show adds to the experience of travelling.

One of the great joys of enjoying a show when you travel is witnessing an approach to entertainment that you may not have been able to witness in person prior to this point.

Finding those great shows takes a little effort and planning, but the payoff is a travel experience that is even more memorable.

How to Find a Great Show in Any City You Travel To Don’t Think Like a Tourist

When you start your hunt for a great show to enjoy when you are in different city, think of yourself as a resident of that city rather than a visitor.

Ask yourself what you would be interested in seeing if you lived there. This gives you a different perspective when you start your hunt for some entertainment.

Look for a local events calendar online to see what shows are coming up on the dates you will be travelling to that particular city.

Plan Ahead

Some shows have limited availability. You will have a greater selection of seating options and available dates if you purchase your tickets in advance. Start looking for shows as soon as you make your travel plans. If you order tickets online, you need to give yourself enough time to get the tickets delivered. Make reservations at nearby hotels and restaurants at the same time you purchase tickets or make reservations for a particular show. This makes the entire experience more convenient.

planning-to-travelConsider Nearby Cities

Can’t find a show you are interested in where you are going? Look at what is going on in nearby cities. If you find a show you like, consider extending your trip to allow for time to travel to and from the show.

If you can’t extend your trip, make transportation plans in advance. This includes a car rental or finding out details of local transportation options.

Take a look at a map of the city where you are going to be and look at what is going on in nearby locations during the dates of your trip. This will give you considerably more options.

The key to finding great shows when you travel is advance planning. This includes more than just the actual show. Restaurants tend to be more popular when they are located in the same general area as a popular show. Visit online travel forums specific to where you are travelling. This is an excellent way to get ideas from other travellers and locals.

Most of your prep time can be done online, from buying tickets to making restaurant reservations. Depending on the duration of your trip, you may be able to enjoy multiple shows. Great shows are out there, just waiting to be enjoyed.

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 Nancy Zimmer writes for a UK Travel website dedicated to helping event-goers find tickets to all the main events and gigs around the UK.