If you love horses there’s no need to leave that passion at home when you head overseas, simply pick one of our fantastic holiday destinations that are perfect for horse lovers.

New Forest, UK

Holiday Destinations for Horse Lovers - New Forest, UK

The New Forest in the central south of England is horse-heaven. Thousands of wild ponies run free around one of Britain’s most beautiful National Parks – the New Forest. New Forest Ponies are an indigenous British pony breed that is known for being strong, hardy and sure of foot.

New Forest ponies have been living in the New Forest for hundreds of years, with the earliest reference dating back to 1016. While they are considered wild, most are owned by commoners (local people with common grazing rights) who pay an annual fee for their ponies.

On your visit to the New Forest you can go on horse-riding treks or simply walk around the forest and spot the ponies – which won’t be hard!

Bled, Slovenia

Holiday Destinations for Horse Lovers - Bled, Slovenia

The town of Bled in northwestern Slovenia has been attracting horse lovers for many years. Bled itself offers spectacular scenery and historic architecture. Horse-riding is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Bled, thanks to the beautiful lakeside and mountain trails within Triglav National Park.

As it is such a popular destination for tourists, you’ll find a wide range of hotels and tour companies who can help you arrange horse riding tours and guided rides.

Texas, USA

Holiday Destinations for Horse Lovers - Texas, USA

Home of the rodeo, the southern state of Texas is a horse lovers dream come true. Not only can you visit a working ranch and take a ride around the arid Texan desert, but you can watch horses in action at an excitement-packed rodeo.

Horses have a long history in Texas – and many of the other southern –US states – and they still play an influential part in the daily lives of many Texans.

For the ultimate experience, book yourself into a ranch hotel where you’ll be surrounded by horses both day and night – with the opportunity to both help out on the ranch and take them for a ride.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Holiday Destinations for Horse Lovers - Reykjavik, Iceland

If you fancy something a little out of the ordinary, it doesn’t get more different than riding ponies across the volcanic tundra of Iceland. Horse-riding is one of the most popular tourist activities for visitors to Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik.

Icelandic horses are absolutely gorgeous – resembling cuddly teddy bears with their thick, fluffy coats and short stocky appearance. There are horses all over Iceland and it isn’t unusual for you to find stables within the capital itself.

Many tours leave from Reykjavik and will take you horse riding around the beautiful rugged landscape – usually around a 30 minute drive from central Reykjavik. There are tours and excursions that last from just a few hours up to several days in length.

Petra, Jordan

Holiday Destinations for Horse Lovers - Petra, Jordan

Petra in Jordan is one of the world’s oldest and most unique inhabited areas of the world. With prehistoric rock paintings and ancient ruins – there is no better place to go riding than in Petra.

Arabian horses are renowned for being strong and fast and are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Join a tour that takes you along Bedouin trails and even stop off in an Arabian-style tent for the night.

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