Extreme Activities - Bungee Jumping

Image by CtypeJag

Even the high profile England rugby team have time to take in the sights and enjoy some of the best activities the country has to offer by bungee jumping, white water rafting and jet boating.

The England team won their first game of the world cup and promptly celebrated with some activities that have become synonymous with trips to the country.

Despite the obvious risk of injury, several England players such as Chris Ashton and James Haskell jumping from a platform at the adventure orientated mountain resort of Queenstown that is affectionately named the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’.

It truly is an adults playground with some of the most adventurous activities you can find all relatively close to each other, you can stay in one of the hostels and gradually experience all activities the friendly town of Queenstown has to offer.

There are multiple bungee sites, multiple giant swing sites, quad bike tours, canyoning down the many creeks and streams, rafting and kayaking, and more activities that you could even consider. The experience of being in this city is nothing short of exhilarating.

Queenstown is situated among the Southern Lakes district in New Zealand’s South Island with a summit at 1700 meters there are a diverse range of activities available, skiing and snowboarding are popular in the snowy regions, whilst paragliding is perfect down the sides of the mountain and for the ultimate in exhilaration and excitement, white-water rafting is available, as experienced by Ben Foden, Nick Easter, Dylan Hartley and Chris Ashton.

You may question whether it was a wise choice to partake in some of the extreme activities in the area, but forwards coach John Wells explained that they are in New Zealand for a relatively long time and giving the players a chance to engage with each other in new and different ways is a great way to build morale.

It weren’t all fun and games as the team were back training on location before the end of the day, as necessary but it gave the team members that chose to enjoy the activities a chance to enjoy each others company rather than having to constantly think with their game head and train effectively and thoroughly.

By the look of the game on Saturday, it is about time the England team showed some adventure. Hopefully this can translate into their game against Georgia on Sunday the 18th.

Andy has just come back from a holiday to New Zealand, unfortunately missing the rugby, but he is still following it religiously. Follow him on his twitter @andym23.