Europa Park in Germany has many things to boast about. It has over 4 million visitors every year, thus making it one of Europe’s most popular amusement parks! Also worth-noting is that the reputed Forbes magazine deems this park among the world’s top 10 due to its history and originality.

Europa Park has a prime location in Central Europe and is 31 miles away from Strasbourg, France, just over the border in the town of Rust, Germany. Although not the most well-known, Europa Park is respected as one of Europe’s best theme parks and visiting it is a great experience for all the family!


You can choose from more than a hundred attractions on the great 70-hectare site. Its main themes include: Carousel, Haunted Rides, Water Rides, Landmark Architecture, Restaurants, Hotels, Roller Coasters, Extreme Rides, Boat Rides, Train Rides, Car Rides, Simulations, Panoramic Tower.

Needless to say, spending at least one whole day of fun and excitement in Europa-Park is a must.

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Europa Park Highlights


Euro-Mir is definitely one of the more popular rides in this park! This space-age attraction is based on the Russian Mir Space Station. Although it may look like some regular coaster at first glance, the Euro-Mir is more than meets the eye. As you plummet down and rocket up, the small car which you will sit in will spin along in a circle. This can be a dizzying yet exciting trip!

Blue Fire

It is a new addition to the park’s pantheon. The Blue Fire is a super-thrill roller coaster and the first upside-down ride in the park. After forty seconds of anticipation combined with total darkness, the Blue Fire coaster goes from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds while catapulting you 40 meters into the air.

Silver Star

It is no wonder that the Silver Star is one of the park’s main attraction. The fact that it is Europe’s tallest coaster (at 73 m) can be reason enough. Plus, it has speeds of up to 130 km/h and 4G forces. You will surely experience pure adrenaline as well as weightlessness through its steep drops and hairpin turns.

This ride will end with a bang as you enter the “horse shoe” — where it will launch you straight up, twist quickly to the side then fly like a bullet through a 120 degree bend.

europa park

Balthasar Castle

The Balthasar Castle is the Cinderella centrepiece of Europa-Park. Quite interesting is its moat that surrounds it.

The Elf Ride

If you prefer a fantasy ride, The Elf Ride will let you escape reality through a very relaxing boat cruise.

The Magical Garden

If you are a plant and flower lover, the Magical Garden is definitely a must-see.

Panoramic Train

The Panoramic Train weaves slowly around the park’s premises. This will allow you some lovely views of the park’s main attractions.

Vintage Car Ride

Enjoy cruising around the park area in an old Model-T!

Europa Park Restaurants

When in Germany, it is impossible to be in a place without a beer garden. Europa Park is definitely no exception with its Bavarian Beer Gardens. If you want some German goodies, head to the Black Forest Specialties Shop. On the other hand, if your taste is more ‘fast-foodie’, then be sure to stop at the Euro-Burger.

The Castle Balthasar will surely be the right place for those young children, as well as those who are young at heart. With its medieval music and interiors, you’ll definitely enjoy a meal at this park’s prime attraction.

Europa Park Hotels

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