Adventure Holidays offer a fantastic opportunity to see the world, unwind and experience things you’ve never done before. You’ll be incredibly excited, counting down the days, waiting for your once in a life time holiday to start. But you need to slow down and think carefully about what you’re packing. Whether you’re packing too little or too much, follow this essential list of items to take with you.

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It may seem incredibly obvious to pack for the climate of the country you are travelling too, but many people forget this simple step. The last thing you want to be is uncomfortably hot because all you’ve packed is big woolly fleeces or freezing because all you’ve packed is short sleeved t-shirts.


Make sure you are wearing sensible footwear. Activity holidays come in all different shapes and styles. Enquire with your tour operator about how much you will be walking on your trip. By wearing appropriate footwear you can make sure you will be comfortable for your entire trip.

adventure holiday


The last thing you want to be, when seeing those incredible sights, is sun burn. If you know you are going to be walking in an un-shaded open area for extended periods of time, sun screen is essential. Common problem areas are the arms and back of the neck so make sure you are properly protected.


Think very carefully about whether or not you want to take a high end camera on your holiday. Depending on what kind of tour you are going on you will want to make sure it is adequately protected. It might be a sensible idea to take a cheaper digital camera with you to avoid any damage to a more expensive one. A camera is a fantastic optional extra for your holiday that will help you preserve the amazing time you had for years to come.

Travel Power Adapter

Whether it’s a phone, camera or just an optional luxury that you’ve managed to squeeze into your bag, none of it will be any use if you cannot plug it in. By taking a travel power adapter you’ll be to use any gadget or device abroad with relative ease.

This is by no means an exhaustive list for your adventure holiday, but it does contain some of the most important items that will make your trip as comfortable as possible.

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