It is winter again, so, it is time to plan a cold-weather getaway. What you will need now?

Only blue sunny sky and white sand beaches.

There are many great destinations in the world, but if you are looking for cultural attractions, great restaurants or easy access to nature, your list is becoming shorter and somehow, Florida is a perfect option.

Along of south-west Golf Coast and Marco Island, Naples, and the Ten Thousand Islands section of the Everglades National Park, Florida’s Paradise Coast is a perfect escape for wintertime. Here, you can find inviting soft sand beaches with amazing water sports to choose off.

If you are not a water sport person, you can steal be active by playing golf and tennis or just go hiking or biking. There are thousands of pristine acres of preserved land. Another choice will be to go to Naples town, pedestrian-friendly and check its history, or go shopping and dining. There is a reason why they call

Paradise Coast, is heavenly beautiful.

Naples cultural attraction

North American paradise coast - Naples art museum

Naples Art Museum – Image by j_bussmann

The Naples Art Museum is a gem of museum showcases artwork from around the world. You can find there paintings, monumental sculpture collection and royal palace apartments furnish with antique furniture collection.


Delnor Wiggins Pass Park

You can go to Delnor–Wiggins Pass Park

With miles-long stretch of white sand, this 166-acre barrier island park is one of most Naples escape. You are going to spend a whole day here so, you need to pack a picnic basket and make a day of it. You can have fun combining beach with swimming and at the end of your day, you can have a nice fine dinner restaurant.

Go to Zoo

Set in a botanical garden this is the top for zoo, offering wildlife shows.

You can see cage free primate and up-close glimpses of exotically critters. You even had-feed giraffes, peek at an African honey badger and you can see lions and tigers or black bears.

The beach of South-Marco

North American paradise coast - South Marco beach

South-Marco Beach – Image by ken_peers

This is a popular lined with sea grass and sabal palms beach. Easy walking distance is a beachfront resort.

You should visit Everglades’s National Park

This park is one of America national treasures. It is the largest south- tropical reservation in the North America. You can plan a kayaking or air boating excursion. Be preparing to see gators and crocs that inhabit in these waterways.


Corn Bread

How to make a Florida style Corn Bread

For this Thanksgiving you can impress you guest with a homemade orange corn bread.

What you will need for this is:

a)    One cups all-purpose flour;

b)    One cups cornmeal;

c)     2-tablespoon baking powder;

d)    ½ salt tablespoon;

e)     ¼-cup sugar;

f)      2eggs; 2cups corn kernels;

g)    1/3 cup butter;

h)    One cups orange juice

Preheat your oven to 350 F. Spray a square pan. Mix your flour, cornmeal, baking powder, and salt. On a medium speed mix sugar and butter until become fluffy.

Add eggs and orange juice beat until is just mix. Stir in corn. Pour into pan. Bake for 35 minutes. Happy Thanksgiving!

With its white sand beaches, Everglades’s wilderness, this Florida resort is for sure a fun vacation for everyone!