If you are planning to conquer Europe by cruising its highways and railways, there is nothing better than getting sun-kissed in France while driving a convertible. Of course, the scene is spawned over by romantic classic films, but doing it yourself gives you a great amount of high. Since the channel tunnel became operational in 1994 driving holidays in France have become very popular.

Cruising through the asphalt network of France offers you a great deal of scenic vies, magnificent stopovers, historical landmarks, and getting stuffed with all the fine dining and wining the French are more than willing to supply their guests.

France is a nation with a very warm, accommodating, and welcoming countryside. And with so many towns and cities that lie in wait, you might have a hard time picking the perfect road trip route.

Forget Paris, Marseilles, and Nice. If you want something different and out of the box, here are the top three destinations that should vie for your arrival.

Eguisheim is a town nestled in the heart of Champagne country. That alone should send you packing and checking the best Eguisheim hotels where you can stay for a few days. Eguisheim boasts of 13th-century old cobblestone walkways, houses, and arches. The moment you enter into this historically rich village, you feel like you are walking through time.

Aside from the castles that are speckled throughout the region, you can also check the winemaking facilities that are located near the village.

village in france

Troyes is another destination aching for your visit. With sceneries dotted with vineyards along the way, you will definitely know what Troyes is all about. A medieval city built in the 13th century, Troyes is now home to Gothic Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and the world renowned vineyards in the Marne Valley and Epernay.

With all the Troyes Hotels all warm, cozy, and homey, you will absolutely enjoy your stay in the city. And with so many vineyards abound, there is no way you will leave the city without a bottle or two of Troyes’ famed wines.

Driving holidays in France

The small city of Provins is a great destination for road trippers who want to cruise through the Champagne County. Founded in 996, Provins was once a major city in terms of European economy during the medieval times as it was home to the Champagne Fairs, a trading event that brought merchants all over Europe to trade in the city.

Today, Provins retains some of its medieval elements, including the famous Caesar’s Tower. Provis Hotels abound in the city should you decide to make your stay a bit longer.