Having a vacation is one way to get away from the monotonous pattern of life. There are people who can go to any place that they want without doing much preparation. Others can’t go to vacation at any time because they have to save money and really prepare for it.

For others that were fortunate enough to have a vacation, it is best to enjoy it as much as you can but at the same time you must find ways to help you remember your trip. Here are some ways to document your trips and adventures.

Document a Trip- Taking photographs pictures

Taking pictures and videos

Take photographs a camera should be one of the most important things to have when planning a trip. Your camera need not be expensive. An inexpensive point-and-shoot camera is already enough the key parts of your trip. You can take a photo of the landmarks that you are going to pass by as well as random sceneries that you think are worth capturing.

Take as much as photos as you can and select the best photos that you have captured when you get home. If bringing a camera is important, don’t forget the spare batteries and memory card.

Blogging you can also document your trip in a blog. Usually, people write what transpired during the trip including the people they met, the transportation they rode and other important details in the trip. You can also recommend places of interest as well as inexpensive souvenirs. This will serve not only as keepsake but this can also serve as a reference for others in planning their trip.


Capturing videos another option to consider is taking a video instead of a photograph. Although a photo is good, a video of your trip is better in recalling the memory of the trip. You’ll see the real expression of the people in the trip including vivid and clear images of whatever scene that you are capturing.

You’ll surely laugh and enjoy and relieve the trip again as soon as you get home and view the raw video. You can also edit the video and send a copy to your friends so that they too will see how wonderful your trip was.

Taking some pictures, capturing videos and writing a blog of your trip are ways to remember your trip as well as buying souvenir items. A colourful shirt and a novelty item with a simple design is already enough to become a keepsake of your trip. Some people even use simple beach sand placed in a small container to serve as a memorabilia.

Andy the author of the “How to document a Trip” is a travel writer for Kenwood Travel who specialise in the best Saint Lucia holidays.