Direct winter flights to Crete

Direct winter flights to Crete

How many times you have found the perfect holiday destination, your little paradise and not being able to get there due to the lack of flights or transportation?

The residents on the Island of Crete have a similar dilemma, they live in a paradise that gets cut off from the rest of the world in the winter months. All the charter airlines that frequently fly on the island during the summer months seize operations towards the mid to the end of October and leave the island without a direct connection to the UK and the rest of Europe

So a very popular Cretan website dedicated to working and living in Crete, has created an on-line petition in order to demonstrate to EasyJet and Ryanair that there is a demand for direct winter flights to Crete.

There are thousands of expats living in Crete who travel frequently to the UK and Europe, including during the winter months and many more who visit their own holiday homes in Crete.

Crete has around 300 days of sunshine per year and has so much to offer to winter tourists; culture, history, food, flora, fauna, agrotourism, walking and sightseeing.

But with no direct flights to the island from Europe between March and November this tourism market is not being tapped.

Please sign the petition for year-round flights to Crete and share with family, friends, Greek students in the UK and Greek businesses.

Together, perhaps we can convince the airlines that the time is right to start direct winter flights between the UK and Crete. has already signed the petition.