Daintree Rainforest in Australia

Millions of years ago, much of the Australian landscape, including the Red Centre, was covered in tropical rainforest. Today, the greatest stand of tropical rainforest still standing in Australia covers a two-tenths of a percent of land called the Daintree Rainforest.

A visit to this amazing rainforest is a visit back in time and a visit to one of the most amazing places you will ever see.

Although the Daintree takes up a small amount of Australia’s land mass, you can find an astonishing number of Australian native animal and plant species. 30% of Australia’s marsupial, frog and reptile species call the Daintree home, as do up to 65% of Australian bat and butterfly species.

Daintree Reptile Australia

These are just a couple of examples that prove that the Daintree is an irreplaceable and not-to-be-missed Australian destination.

Thankfully, the Australian government realised the importance of the Daintree and took steps to ensure that this unique rainforest would not suffer the same fate as so many of the world’s tropical rainforests have and be exploited for its natural resources.

Now a 12,000 hectare National Forest, it is strictly controlled to minimise our modern impact on its fragile ecosystem.

Since the Daintree’s unique flora was discovered, it has been studied extensively. Many plant species in the Daintree are unique in the world and some of them are amongst the world’s oldest surviving species.

19 species of plants on earth have been identified as “primitive.” 12 of these can be found in the Daintree.

One of them, the “Idiot Fruit” is one of the oldest fruits in the world and is considered to be Australia’s most important botanical discovery.

You don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the primeval beauty of the Daintree. A good way to experience the best of the rainforests is to take a guided rainforest tour. In fact, it is probably the only way to get deep into the rainforest and come out alive.

Cooper Creek is located in the heart of the ancient lowland rainforest of the Daintree. A guided tour through this thickly forested region enables you to see all of its attractions without danger to yourself or the environment.

Day and night excursions are both popular and each has something unique to offer.

Another great way to see Daintree is to take a river excursion. Travelling aboard a comfortable, stable and safe vessel, your guide will point out features of the surrounding landscape you would probably overlook or not be aware of if you stumbled across them yourself.

You will also be safe from the crocodiles you encounter along the way, too!

A short introduction to the Daintree simply doesn’t do it justice. You have to visit it yourself. You also have to stay for as long as you can. It’s not the sort of place you can get the most out of in a weekend.

Book a Daintree accommodation and immerse yourself in 250 million years of living history.

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