If you’re looking for places to go out at night in Cusco, there are plenty to choose from. In some cases, it depends on the time of night you are planning on your excursion. The dance clubs don’t get going until around midnight or one in the morning and you can stay out easily enough until dawn, especially on the weekends.

Cusco Nightlife

Earlier in the evening, do yourself a favor and take a trip to El Pisquerito, on San Juan de Dios. The owner is well-known in Peru as an expert on pisco, the national liquor. The bar offers up some of the best and most imaginative pisco drinks around.

They aren’t cheap but, considering the strength and quality, well worth the cost. You don’t want to leave the country having only sampled inferior pisco sours.

After this, if you have an interest in salsa, there are several places that feature that type of music from around 9:30 to 11:30 every night. Right off the plaza, on the corner with Calle Suecia, you can choose from Mythology or Inka Team. Each location has salsa teachers that will lead lessons as well as dance with aspiring students to help them out.

If salsa isn’t your thing, try The Pink Apple at Parque de la Madre. It’s got a great vibe, really good drinks and you never know what kind of live music or show they’ll be putting on. You’ll often find people gathering earlier here than some of the dance clubs so it’s a good venue to keep you going until the other places pick up.

Another good place to go is Ukukus on Plateros, just off the Plaza de Armas. They sometimes feature live music, sometimes it’s a DJ. This place usually has a fair sized crowd, often consisting of more locals than tourists. This is another spot that gets started earlier than the discos.

As for dance clubs, one of the most well known is Mama Africa right on the Plaza. This place has the reputation for being a bit of a pick-up place for foreigners who are looking to mix a bit more closely with the locals or locals who are looking to get international.

Mythology and Inka Team are also a mixed crowd but a little chiller. The music changes around 11:30 from salsa to a variety of dance music with most selections from the U.S. and Europe.

Many of the dance clubs in Cusco feature music from the 80s on through to more recent years. Unfortunately, they all often play the same music each night and as each other. In fact, one can often hear the Blackeyed Peas’ “I’ve Got A Feeling” so many times in one night, I’ve dubbed it the Cusco Anthem.

For some good live music and often some guest DJs with a different sound, check out the Frogs on Ruinas. It’s got a great atmosphere and lots of places to sit both with and away from the music. The happy hour drinks are a bit more expensive then some of the other places but they are also quite tasty and come in more varieties than the ubiquitous Cuba Libre.

And finally, when you end your night in the wee hours of the morning and are in need of something to eat, head over to Ayacucho. Just off of the Avenida del Sol on the right hand side, there’s a street vendor that has a great chicken sandwich. I like it with just the chicken, the potato sticks and an ample helping of aji, a spicy salsa. There’s nothing better for soaking up the drink before you slide your exhausted self into bed.

Cusco is an essential stop-off point for virtually any Peru tour. It is easy to visit Cusco independently but if you prefer assistance with arranging your stay, booking excursions or making reservations, contact a Peru travel specialist.