It’s not enough to imagine the rich culture and beauty of India or the amazing experience of an Indian holiday until you have take one of the many luxury holidays and tours in India, and to see it for yourself.

It is definitely the place to plan your next luxury travel experience. India is a country that has so much to offer with its rich historical culture and spiritual traditions. Many India holidays begin in either Mumbai or India’s capital, Delhi.

An Indian holiday will have you engaged in the celebrations that happen on a daily basis in cities such as Mumbai, and you will be awed by the historical buildings and marketplaces of Delhi. It is hard to describe this wondrous country, without going there and seeing it for yourself.

I will do my best to give you a taste of the wonder of an India holiday in this amazing eastern country, but when you are planning your trip, make sure you speak to some travel experts who know this fascinating country very well, so you can plan your India holiday that is tailor-made for your requirements, interests and travel style.

Best Cities to Travel to in India - Rickshaw in India

Rickshaw in India

Let us take you on one of our luxury holidays to India to visit the city of Varanasi. Varanasi primarily attracts those visitors who love education and the arts. This city has been known in the past for ancient learning and religious practices.

The Hindus often come here to worship and pray. Imagine the high river banks and the hovering temples that are visited by millions year round. As you dip your toe in the holy river Ganges, you will feel refreshed and spiritually liberated.

Best Cities to Travel to in India - River Ganges, India

River Ganges, India

Varanasi has also been noted for its music, crafts and rich artistry. You will see many seamstresses lining the streets, sewing beautiful silk garments and Indian attire for their families.

The ancient capital city of Delhi will amaze you with its many monuments and mosques, like the majestic Jama Majid. These relics will leave you and your family with many stories to tell. Make sure you pick up a souvenir for your loved ones in this metropolitan area of central India. India holidays like this one will be very memorable indeed.

One trip will make you plan many luxury holidays to India because it is a country that remarkably stands out from many eastern countries with it’s alluring and lavish temples, enchanting scenery and ancient spiritual culture.

Priya Rushel, the author of the “Best cities to travel to in India, was born in India but lives in the UK. She is a freelance writer and proud mum of two.