Cheap Airport Parking - Airplane taking off If you have traveled anywhere in the last five years, you are probably sick of rising travel costs. With surcharges and increased taxes, not to mention the security, travel is not only expensive but it can be a hassle.

And if you have to leave your car at the a irport when you fly, it can be even more costly. That’s why so many people choose off airport parking. Going offsite for airport parking can bring big savings – and maybe you won’t feel so bad about what you are paying out.

A recent survey in the UK showed that going off airport resulted in massive savings for consumers (we’re talking more than 800%), so that’s got to be worth doing. And if you want to save even more, check out these tips.

Reward Yourself

Before you even make your airport parking reservations, check out the providers reward scheme. Sometimes you can get additional savings on your first booking by signing up. And loyal customers also tend to get other benefits, so you have nothing to lose by joining a points scheme.

In fact, you might gain benefits such as free parking days, car wash and valet services and even making sure your car is warm or cool (depending on the weather) when you arrive to pick it up. And let’s not forget that your other travel providers might also have tie-ups with your airport parking provider – you might be able to gain additional benefits that way too. And finally, on the subject of rewards, if you pay for your parking reservation with a credit card that also gives you points, you get to double dip – and isn’t that a sweet deal!

Cheap Airport Parking - Online-bookingBook Online

No matter what you’re buying, you can often save by buying online. That’s because the online retailer doesn’t have to pay lots of staff, rent premises and keep lots of stock on hand. Believe it or not, though the circumstances are different, booking airport parking online can also result in savings.

Of course, you are responsible for getting dates and times right, but how hard can that be? And if you can save 5-10% on the cost of parking at the airport, it’s definitely worth it. Not only that, but when you arrive at the parking lot – and when you leave – the process of leaving or getting your car will be much, much quicker.

For added savings, keep your eyes peeled for parking promotions and offers or on-site coupons which will cut the cost of parking even more.

Sharon Hurley Hall  the author of “The cheap airport parking – Two top tips” has been travel blogging for three years. She manages her own travel company from Florida US.