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New York – The Fashionable City

Every time you mention the Big Apple as a destination for your vacation, people’s eyes light up while their ears stand erect for more information. They want to know what you plan to do there, where you are going to go and what you are going to see. It’s not just about your trip there too, because sometimes, everyone just wants to know what you can get back from New York City.

No, they don’t want material things because their reason to interrogate you, when you return, is going to be about finding out the latest trends in the city and what the people of New York are doing. So here’s a look at what you need to look out for on your trips to this fantastic city, just to make your returns simpler. Click here to read more »

London’s Best Shopping Districts

So many shopaholics choose to rent apartments in London for their getaway, purely so they can take advantage of the amazing shopping that the UK’s capital has to offer.  There is so much to choose from so allow us to take you through a few of the hotspots.


Oxford Street

Oxford Street and Selfridges

Perhaps the most famous area for shopping, Oxford Street is home to the iconic Selfridges, a vast John Lewis (extremely British!) and a massive House of Fraser, amongst many others.

Apart from these incredible department stores, some of the most popular stores in Europe have gigantic shops on Oxford Street including Primark, Topshop, H&M, HMV and Zara.

Let’s zone in on Selfridges, for here alone you can probably find everything you’re looking for.  The second-largest department store in the UK (the first being Harrods – see further on for more details) was opened way back in 1909.

Featuring departments for men, women, beauty, kids, food and wine, gifts and home and leisure (amongst others!), the store is heaving with tempting goods for any occasion. Click here to read more »

Top 3 Shopping Areas in London

London is a huge city with a population of well over 10 million people. As well as working, all these people have lives where they love to go out and explore the city.

Although the recession has slowed down the amounts of money we are spending on the high street, one thing is for certain. We are still a nation full of shoppers and we all love a bargain.

Shopping in London is some of the best in the world, with a huge array of different shops and retailers offering all kinds of products from budget essentials to outrageous luxury items.

London really does have it all, so whether you’re on the prowl for an evening dress, out to buy a couple of new video games, or on the hunt for a diamond ring for a loved one, there is surely something in London.

Here are the top 3 areas in London you can visit for shopping.

Top Shopping Areas in London - Westfield shopping centre

Westfield – Image by Alidada

3. Westfield – This is the latest super mall to grace London with a huge range of shops and services. You can find takeaways, furniture stores, restaurants and even health spas in these 2 incredible shopping centres. Click here to read more »

A 24-Hour Shopping Spree In Madrid

Madrid is without doubt one of the best shopping spots in Spain and you could very easily shop until you drop here for several days.  However, if you are looking to pack everything in to a day or so, here are some recommendations for a 24-hour shopping spree in Madrid.

Shopping In MadridShopping In Madrid

If you want to fit all your shopping into a day then you need to know what you’re looking for and plan where you want to get it. There’s a huge range of shopping options here, from markets and boutiques, to big shopping centres.

Bear in mind that many shops close on Saturday afternoons and in July and August, a number of the smaller shops close completely. On Sunday, some of the larger stores open, together with some food stores and boutiques.

Unless you’re going for high-end designer threads then prices in Madrid are very reasonable, particularly if you are used to shopping in the more expensive European cities.

Shopping Centres and Department Stores

Madrid has plenty of the kinds of shops where you can pick up everything you could possibly need to buy in one fell swoop, which makes it the perfect place to head to for a 24 hour shopping spree.

El Corte Inglés is a countrywide store and one of the biggest department stores in Madrid.  Large and modern, with multilingual staff, air conditioning and very logically laid out departments, you’ll easily find everything you’re looking for here. Most department stores in Madrid open between 10am and 9pm, Monday to Saturday. Click here to read more »

Guide to Shopping in Brighton

Guide to Shopping in Brighton

Image by dickyji

You might come for the pier, you might come for the restaurants, you would definitely come for the atmosphere but one of the best reasons to visit Brighton is without a doubt the shopping. From eccentric boutiques to flea markets the size of your local supermarket, but do not expect to sniff out a bargain, these shops know the worth of everything that is in the store.

Even the charity shops in Brighton are fairly savvy in getting the best price they can for quality products. Click here to read more »