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Five Budget Ski Destinations in Europe

Whenever we think of snow-covered winters and skiing, the first thing that comes to our mind are the Swiss Alps, the wonderful Alps in Italy and even those out there in France. However, not everyone can afford those expensive chalets in heavenly settings. So what do you do when you want that skiing fun without all the expensive money they require?

You head on up to these exciting budget destinations of the world!

Jasna, Slovakia

Budget Ski Destinations in Europe - Jasna Slovakia ski resort

Jasna Ski Resort – Image by killMe007

When it comes to size, Jasna is one of the biggest and best ski resorts in Slovakia. A part of the Low Tatras National Park, you rise up to over 2,000 metres and enjoy every bit of the 1,000 metre vertical drop its ski slopes offer. Click here to read more »

5 Best Skiing & Snowboarding Movies To Watch While On Vacation

Whether you are sipping a hot cup of cocoa inside a warm ski lodge or lounging around a 14th floor hotel room near the beach, watching an excellent ski movie is a great way to entertain yourself and others before or after a long day of recreation. Here are five excellent ski movies that will turn any lazy vacation atmosphere into a hub of entertainment in no time.

Movies To Watch While On Vacation Ski Patrol

This comedy starts with the laid-back Jerry and the all-business Lance racing down a huge ski slope and arriving at the bottom at the exact same time. This sets the stage for a battle between good and evil that plays out on the slopes of Snowy Peaks.

Toward the end of the flick it appears corporate greed is going to prevail and crush the dreams of the long time mom and pops ski lodge.

Fortunately, truths are uncovered by a variety of wacky characters which prevent the bad guys from winning. Ski Patrol is a great way to spend 90 minutes of downtime while on vacation, and it will certainly lift your spirits on a soggy day. Click here to read more »

Skiing in South America

Skiing in South America

If you love skiing and it is the month of July in the Northern Hemisphere, then it is time to go to the infamous Andes Mountains in South America. June to October is the best time for skiing south of the border.

Both Argentina and Chile are really good locations, with the resorts catering to wintertime activities and serving their guests in many wonderful ways.

There are more than 25 ski resorts located in South America. Some are multi-million dollar accommodations while others are smaller, more rustic-type accommodations. Landing in Santiago from anywhere in the world places you close to several ski areas and various mountain resorts. Click here to read more »

Japan the number one destination for snow

 Number One Destination for Snow - Japan-airlines-airplane

Japan Airlines

The island nation of Japan is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Most visitors head to Japan for its culture and natural beauty, but a growing number of tourists are heading to the Land of the Rising Sun to take part in snow sports and other snow-related activities, such as visiting the snow monkeys. These tourists come from all over the world, and all have one thing in common: their love of snow.

If you are a fan of snow and snow sports, Japan should be your number one destination. No other place in the world has as much to offer as this island nation. From snow sports resorts and snow monkeys to high culture and great nightlife, Japan has it all. Click here to read more »

Top 3 Apres Ski Bars at Vail Resorts

Apres Bars at Vail Resorts - skiing vail mountain

Vail Mountain Skiing – Image by Erik Weiss

Following a long day of skiing on Vail Mountain, nothing could be better than sitting back with friends and enjoying a good meal, a few drinks, and a fun atmosphere.  In Vail, travelers will have many different bars and restaurants to choose from, but there are three that stand out from the rest.

All of these bars and restaurants have stood the test of time and continue to be popular spots for all Vail resorts visitors. Click here to read more »

The Best Resorts To Visit For Corporate Ski Trips

Corporate Ski Trips

Skiing – Image by Judatta Lindsay

The sport of skiing is a world-renowned adventurous sport, whereby individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds can come together and take pleasure in this electrifying activity.

Many companies alike choose to coordinate corporate and business ski trips for business meetings or pleasure trips. During the winter months, visitors can enjoy skiing through breathtaking views of the world’s rare and distinctive mountain sceneries.

• The Arrabelle at Vail Square located in Vail, Colorado accommodates business and corporate events. The resort includes a 2600 square-foot ballroom as well as 4 smaller meeting rooms ranging from 480 to 1,660 square feet. In addition to the sizeable conference rooms, the hotel resort provides full-service conference service department designed to organize the details of corporate events.

The resort offers additional amenities that cater to group meetings, including high-speed internet service, secretarial services, fax transmission, photocopying, personal computers and printers.

The guest rooms and dining establishments overlook the beautiful Vail Mountain, which includes 350,000 acres of national forest. Because the mountain surrounds the resort, visitors can enjoy having dining in the restaurants or just relaxing in their elegant fully-furnished hotel rooms while watching the snowfall swathe the stunning Vail Mountain during the winter months.

While visiting the Arrabelle at Vail Square, visitors can utilize the 5,289 acres for skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating and snowboarding. Visitors can enjoy skiing through the Nordic trails throughout Vail Valley. The resort area also houses the Colorado Ski Museum, which is an historic site that offers a variety of exhibits interrelated with the skiing and other related displays. Click here to read more »

Top Five Unusual Ski Destinations

It’s one thing to experience one or more of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious ski resorts, but quite another to be able to say that you have been skiing in one or more of the world’s most unusual resorts. How many of your friends can say they’ve been skiing in South Africa, or Lebanon, for instance?

If you’re interested in something different, here are my suggestions for destinations you might not normally consider, which are available as specialist luxury or all-inclusive ski holidays:

1. Oukaimeden Resort, Morocco

Unusual Ski Destinations - Oukaimeden Resort, Morocco

Image by simon_music

When you think of holidays in Morocco, you probably think of deserts and camels, maybe some mosques, beaches, spicy food, that kind of thing.

But just 80 km from Marrakesh is Oukaimeden Ski Resort, three thousand meters up in the Atlas Mountains.

The ski lift will take you up to experience trails suitable for all levels, with plenty of accommodation ranging from chalets to five-star hotels.

Click here to read more »