Iceland Holiday – Freezing but Fabulous

Iceland Holiday

At long last, my husband and I had booked a weekend away without our 2-year-old son.  Given that these opportunities are rare, we wanted to experience something totally different, something which we wouldn’t easily be able to do with the little one in tow – so we settled on Iceland.

I have always been a warm-weather person, and to be honest, the idea of visiting an Arctic country sent chills right through me – especially since we were planning to go in March.  However, the cold, it would seem, is all part of the adventure.  And an adventure it certainly was.  Our weekend to Reykjavik also turned out to be one of the most memorable holidays of my life.

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Noosa Thriller – 500hp Australian Powerboat Ride

Noosa Thriller - Australian Powerboat Ride

Australasia is well know for it’s adrenaline packed experiences, from Bunjee Jumping to 4WDriving and of course, jet boating.  We recently made our way up to Noosa on Australia’s sunshine coast in Queensland and took a trip out on the aptly named Noosa Thriller.

We’ve been on jetboats before in Australia and New Zealand and always found them to be packed with excitement and well worth the money, but Noosa Thriller skipper Bill insisted that his ride was something quite different.  Jet Boats he told us are great for quick turns and spins, but there hulls are prone to cracking which makes them unsuitable for use out on the rough ocean.

The Noosa Thriller however is not a jet boat but a more conventional metal hulled powerboat propeled by two roaring engines totally 500HP, allowing it to power its way up, over and occasionally through the ocean waves.

Let the thrills begin!

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Bangkok Bound

Our trip started out in Bangkok, a city where the majority of tourists use as a stop off point. Fly into Bangkok, have a night out on the Khao San Road, squeeze in a temple and on you go to your island. I had been warned by past travellers that Bangkok was seedy, full of lady boys, sex tourism and not worth staying much longer than a night.

Trying to keep an open mind, we decided on two nights on arrival, thinking that this would be plenty of time. So, we squeezed in a temple, had a night out on the Khao San Road and even fitted in some shopping at MBK a huge shopping mall dedicated to counterfeit well-made designer handbags.

Despite the areas visited being clichéd, there was a vibe in the city that I found enticing and I couldn’t help but feel that there was a lot more to this city than it’s reputation would have you believe. With our impending trip to the Islands, we waved goodbye to Bangkok and were on our way.

Bangkok Bound Bangkok temple

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Alternative tourism: Visiting Bali by Amy Camilleri

Bali is renowned as the Island that caters for all. From health retreats, mountain climbs, surfing, Kuta parties or white water rafting – whatever you desire for a holiday destination, Bali is able to provide it…and I love a little taste of it all!

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