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Top 5 Hostels in Europe

Once thought of as the swinging spot for teens backpacking across Europe before they head off into adulthood, hostels are the place to stay if you’re touring the continent on a budget—even if you’re well out of your teenage years.

Finding a great hostel can be a daunting task so you do need to research them carefully but this listing of the top five hostels in Europe should get you started nicely.

Hostels in Europe

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Paris on a Backpackers Budget

Paris on backpackers budget

If you are planning a super cheap trip to Europe, Paris is one place where you can still survive on a shoestring. Although prices have shot up over the past few years, this is still a city beloved by starving writers and artists and some of the finest things in life are – if not free – at least very cheap.  Here are some tips for how to get the best out of Paris on a backpacker’s budget.

Backpackers Budget List

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The Top 5 Hotels in Styria, Austria

Styria 2016

Much of Styria is relatively unknown to foreign tourists. That is why, several charming mysteries are being incorporated within the said area. Styria is a region of mountains, of valleys, rushing streams, lush green meadows, forests and of course – castles.

Its North is a typical Alpine, with rugged peaks and glorious mountain flowers. Its South, on the other hand, offers soft climate and gentle outlines of the rather lower mountain ranges of Graz.

Eggenberg Castle 2016

Another magnificent site to see is the Eggenberg Castle, which stands majestically in a fine park on the city’s fringe. Its murals and resplendent baroque rooms are main tourist favourite. Click here to read more »

5 Weird and Wonderful Hotels in Asia

If you happen to be travelling in Asia and have had your fill of soulless hotels that all look like the one you stayed in the night before, then check out our list of the 5 most unique, and perhaps slightly strange, hotels in Asia.

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Exploring Australia’s Top Hotels

Australia is inundated with backpackers every year from all over the globe and many of them are gap
year students from the UK and other European countries. But Australia doesn’t just appeal to the
young looking for adventure and experience; Australia is a popular destination for many people of all
ages and backgrounds who may be looking to visit family or enjoy a prolonged break. Here we will
take a look at a few of the best hotels from all territories in Australia. Click here to read more »

Harry’s Home Hotel in Graz

If you are looking to spend a few weeks away exploring the Styrian countryside & the city of Graz, Harry’s home hotel is a perfect hotel to stay in.

Harry's Home Hotel in Graz

For the month of April, we booked out an apartment in Harry’s Home Hotel in Graz. It was a fantastic experience to live so close to the city and be able to enjoy the local things here. Click here to read more »

Beautiful mini resort in Chan Montenegro

Chan MontenegroChan – resort town situated in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. Long beach 1800 meters is divided into two parts with a mountain promontory, forming two – Pearl Beach and Queen’s Beach, which is accessible only by sea.

The combination of coral sand and mountains covered with pines and cypresses, leaves no one indifferent!  In the mini-hotel Villa Demba is 2 Star!

You’ll find everything you need for the entire family
– Sandy beach (500 m) and pure sea
– Solitude among the resort life
– Clean and comfortable rooms
– Mini-kitchens in room

Starting from €8 per person for bed and €18 per person on Full Bord basis.  For reservations and more information, please, contact +38269491241

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