Broadly, there are two kinds of travellers in the world – those who love package holidays and those who don’t! Their reasons are understandable and quite sensible even, in some cases. However, when choosing to go on cheap all inclusive holidays, would you be looking to travel a la carte or choose something that’s been tailored for cheap holiday-fans?

To help you make your choice, here are some reasons to pick or stay away from package holidays.

Reason to Pick: Everything’s Included!

Package HolidaysThe moment we read these two words, we are hooked! From airplane tickets to hotel rooms to food, everything is part of the package. Once you’ve paid the travel agent at the beginning of the trip, you can go through the entire tour with an empty wallet and still enjoy every single thing.

Sure, if you want to make purchases or go eat in different places, you will have to shell out your own money, but when has that been any different?

Reason to Stay Away: Everything’s Included!

When was the last time you experienced quality in mass production? Package tours are all about bulk sales – from meals to rooms to service. Sure, you’ll enjoy your stay because the costs are lower, but even the facilities will be lower in quality.

You get boxed meals picked out from fixed menus, sometimes served while travelling between places. Time, at tourist attractions, is short and quite minimal. Travelling is tedious, often extended into the night to maintain strict schedules.

Costs are cut at every opportunity and quality, obviously, goes out of the window! Click here to read more »