Explore the American Outdoors: Top 10 Camping Destinations

Philipsburg Bay Campground

The United States is a diverse and magnificent country, full of beautiful natural scenery. One of the best ways to explore the great American outdoors is by camping in one of its many great destinations. Here are our top 10 recommended camping locations in America:

1. Yosemite National Park:

Top 10 Camping Destinations - Yosemite National Park
Image by Joseph D’silva

This location in Mariposa, California, offers some of the best scenery in America, and some amazing opportunities for recreation activities like hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, and the chance to see both giant Sequoias and glacial peaks.

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Unique Vacation Options For Adults

Vacations just aren’t what they used to be. While families once looked forward to packing their bags and spending a week our two together as they went on a cross-country road trip, today’s kids are more interested in video games than Disney World and today’s parents are more interested in saving on gas than on traveling from tourist trap to tourist trap along a stretch of highway.

However, just because the face of recreation is changing doesn’t mean that this vacation world is dying. There’s just a few different ways of going about planning for your time off! Here are the latest in unique vacation options:

Unique Vacation - Waterfalls
Image by stuckinparadise

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The Most Awesome Places to Rock Climb in the World

Places to Rock Climb - Alps
Image by christianisthedj

There are few sports which call for greater use of an individual’s strength, balance, agility and endurance than rock-climbing. Many climbers claim it is the ultimate personal challenge with the two ‘D’s – discipline and danger – constantly held in balance by the physical strength and mental concentration of the climber.

It’s also a sport which has seen a huge surge of interest in recent years and, notwithstanding the fact that some training and equipment is necessary, it offers a personal challenge that can be met in every corner of every continent – in fact, anywhere that plays host to hills, mountains or cliffs.

But where are the best, the most challenging and the most scenic rock-climbing sites to be found? Here we make five suggestions that we think are worth tackling ….

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An Insight Into the World of International Glamping

In tough economic times, families are finding it difficult to afford expensive vacations at luxurious resorts. Some people prefer getting up close and personal with nature but hate the idea of roughing it on a camping trip. Leaky tents and sleeping bags are not very appealing and if bad weather strikes, the entire holiday can turn into a nightmare.

There is a new option gaining popularity known as glamorous camping. Glamping trips feature exposure to the great outdoors and offer luxurious amenities not found in any campground. A little bit of camping and a little bit of glamour, these resorts offer everything from private chefs, spa tents and microbreweries. From cashmere blankets to linen sheets, visitors can enjoy nature while being pampered.

International Glamping
Image by Visit Finland


Eco Beach Wilderness Retreat is one of the most remarkable destinations in the world. This beautiful retreat is located just one hour south of the quaint seaside town of Broome. Guests can enjoy luxurious safari style eco tents in a beautifully appointed eco villa while watching ocean waves kiss the white sandy beaches. The accommodations are equipped with a full kitchen, mini bar, refrigerator and television.

At the centre of the retreat lies Jack’s Bar and Grill where customers can enjoy drinks and authentic cuisine in an open-air environment. Visitors can spend their time frolicking in the warm waters, exploring the caves nearby or taking a long romantic stroll along the beach.

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A Scottish Loch Tour That Can Not Be Missed

Since the 2009 financial crisis, the world has been a very different place. With many economies crashing within a few months, huge cuts and job losses, the UK is still only beginning to recover. As people look for more ways to save money, there are several markets that have seen surprising uplifts against the trend of the majority.

One of these is the holiday market. Whilst the amount of 5 star and luxury holidays have declined (unsurprisingly), many cheap breaks and bargain holidays have seen remarkable growth. Other areas to benefit have been the camping, caravan and motorhome markets, as people look for cheap and flexible ways to take a break.

So with that in mind, here are some of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland, all areas that would make a wonderful outdoor break or combine to make a magical loch tour.

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Top Motorhome Destinations in England

motorhome by the sea

England is underrated as a motorhome destination for holidaymakers, when in fact it has a fantastic wealth of really beautiful places to visit. From wonderful historic coastlines to desolate moors, mountains to unspoiled forests there are a thousand different fantastic trips you could make.

It’s also a lot more motorhome friendly than it used to be, with increasing demand for overnight spots and good quality campsites driving more and more to be opened. We’ve tried to pick out some of our favourites below, but it was hard work since we limited ourselves to five:

Motorhome Destinations in England

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