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In the white and snowy months of winter as well as in the green, warm and sunny months of summer, Canada is a place that gives you unbridled access to the world of nature’s beauty. In fact, the country boasts of such immense natural beauty that tourists flock to its shores to enjoy the mountains and lakes set amidst pristine settings.

When you watch a beautiful snow-covered peak rise through the lush-green horizon and reach for a brilliant blue sky, you know that you couldn’t be anywhere but in heaven!

Travelling in and around this beautiful place is all about enjoying the beauty even while travelling. Airplanes and trains are always there but if you really want to try and be a part of the beauty, then you need to head down to the bus stations or to those stores for car-hire in Canada.

This country is seen best on these slower modes of transport, especially the car, where in you can simply stop and enjoy the fantastic views, look at the wildlife and enjoy every single minute of the wide open spaces that it offers.


The Winding Roads

No matter where you go, Canada is a place where driving is just the perfect thing way to get around the country. While you can also use the Greyhound bus service, it just doesn’t give you the freedom to stop whenever you want and truly enjoy the countryside.

Canadian Mountains and Lakes - Canada waterfall 2015


When you are heading up to the mountains or down to the lakes, you will find plenty of places where you just want to get off the road and sit. The pleasant breeze running through the trees, the brilliant sun shining down the sky as well as the shimmering waters amidst the flowing countryside – all lie in wait for a few minutes of your time.

When you plan your own itinerary, you can squeeze these elements into the trip and, therefore, take your own time in exploring the natural beauty of this fabulous country. There is no point in rushing through these fabulous roads because everything you see is breathtaking.

The roads are perfect, like carpet, and with an adequate supply of fuel pumping stations, even where you don’t expect them to be, you will find enough and more reasons to hire a car and take that plunge.


Planning your Route

If you are looking to head into the mountains, then the best place for you to go are the Rockies in British Columbia. The views are just stunning and you can be a part of fishing and birding trips, in the summer, or just head up to one of the many exquisite ski resorts for a wonderful time in winters. Lake Windermere is the best place for a spot of fishing or just relaxing by the waters with Calgary being the closest city for you to stop at.

If you are looking for more lake-side action, then Lake Louise is also close-by. This beautiful lake is known as the “Jewel of the Rockies” and is right in the middle of a glacial valley. There are snow-capped mountains on all sides and this lake is surrounded by some of the best resorts and camping grounds in Canada.

Mont-Tremblant is another town that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Canada’s mountainous regions. The village of Tremblant is a pedestrian-only village and you don’t need to worry about car-trouble or parking. The village is constant filled with skiers in winters while the sights and sounds, in summer, are a popular sight for birders.

Canadian Mountains and Lakes - Sun set in Canada 2015

Another fantastic mountain location that offers a unique skiing experience is the Mont-Sainte-Anne region, just about 30-odd kilometres from the city of Quebec. There are plenty of locations to spend your days with the best and biggest attraction being the night-skiing bit. This is much better for skiers rather than tourists in general because other than skiing, there isn’t much to do in the region.

In Massif, however, you will find a lot more options especially in the arena of adventure sports.

There is paragliding and spelunking in summers, while winters are all about enjoying the ice and snow. Proximity to Quebec is always a good thing and the view of the nearby waters and mountains are just breathtaking.

For those planning a trip into the wilder parts of Canada, the best means of transport is the car. With the freedom of moving all over the place, you get the opportunity of seeing Canada like it’s meant to be seen – with freedom and time on your hand.

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