Know Before You Go Campaign FCO

What The “Know Before You Go” Campaign Is

Hotels Fairy is an official partner of the ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign, but what exactly is it all about?

Run by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), the ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign is an on-going consular awareness type of campaign. Launched in 2001, it is a campaign that complements the FCO’s highly regarded Travel Advice service. So what does this campaign exactly do?

The Know Before You Go campaign encourages British nationals to be well-prepared for their trips abroad in order to avoid common travelling traumas, risks, as well as dangers.

More particular, the KBYG campaign encourages people to take out adequate insurance prior to travelling abroad. Also, it provides practical advice that ranges from familiarising themselves with the culture and customs of the different travel destinations to accessing advice on health and passport issues.

KBYG provides advise to all types of Independent Travellers, whether you’re going backpacking in Brazil, thrill seeking in New Zealand or looking to stay in South Africa B&B’s, the campaign gives you the essential information and advice you need to stay stay and have a great time.

This campaign is supported by a series of mini-campaigns that target specific categories of travellers who are less likely taking some adequate precautions and insurance prior to his/her travel abroad. So to speak, these mini-campaigns usually targets young travellers as well as adrenalin enthusiasts.

Key Messages Of The “Know Before You Go” Campaign:

  • A traveller should get an adequate travel insurance
  • A traveller needs to check the FCO’s country travel advice
  • A traveller should research his/her destination, and might as well know the local laws and customs
  • A traveller should visit his/her GP as soon as possible before travelling
  • A traveller should check his/her passport if it is in good condition and valid. Also, the necessary visas should be checked
  • A traveller should make copies of important travel documents. These documents can be stored on-line using a secure data storage site
  • A traveller should tell someone there whereabouts. Also he/she should leave emergency contact details to family members or friends.
  • A traveller should bring with him/her enough money.
  • A traveller should have an access to emergency funds

Types Of British Travellers (KBYG Campaign Main Target)

  • young travellers
  • independent travellers
  • women travellers
  • independent travellers
  • hen-and-stag parties travellers
  • gap year travellers
  • package holiday travellers
  • sports travellers
  • ethnic minorities
  • elderly and retired travellers

To Spread The Word Faster, The “Know Before You Go” Campaign Also Devised Recent Mini-Campaigns:

  • competitions
  • British Behaviour Abroad Report
  • Road Safety Abroad
  • Travel Trends Report in collaboration with ABTA
  • attending festivals, eg. Africa Oye & London Mela

For full details visit the ‘Know Before You Go’ campaign.