Does dreaming of your wedding inspire visions of rare beauty in a mysterious destination? If your first date was a picnic at a secluded cove next to the ocean and your fiancée proposed to you next to a sparkling waterfall in the middle of the forest, you are probably envisioning a dreamy wedding in an exquisite, picturesque setting.

These breathtaking wedding locations will provide an idyllic place for you and your fiancée to begin your lives together. They provide the backdrop to your love story; you provide the happy ending.

Wedding Locations Around The World - AntiguaAntigua

Going along with the island theme, Antigua is a memorable place to exchange your vows. If you’re looking for something intimate and cozy, there are several resorts on the island that will cater to your every whim while keeping you away from the crowds that overtake so many beach hotels.

Many of these properties have fewer than 100 rooms, so you and your wedding party can practically have the location all to yourselves. You can get married in a quaint gazebo overlooking the ocean or celebrate the day under tall palms and lush tropical plants.

Wedding Locations Around The World - Coche Island

Coche Island

Just off the coast of Venezuela, this secluded island is only about six miles long and four miles wide. The constant breeze, crystal-clear waters, and spectacular sunsets are all you need to say “I do.”

What better place is there to celebrate your adoration for each other than at the aptly named Love Beach?

Set up an altar of tropical flowers and dance the night away under the intense starlight with a bonfire on the sand.

 Wedding Locations Around The World - Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas

At the end of the Baja peninsula in Mexico is Lover’s Beach. When you say it in Spanish, it’s even more romantic: Playa del Amor. The stunning rock formations and isolated cove are only accessible by boat. The remote location is a blissful place for a private ceremony.

Getting married on this tranquil beach can simply include you, the love of your life, and the splendor of nature. The sand is the consistency of brown sugar and the laid back ambience will lead you back for your anniversaries for years to come.

Wedding Locations Around The World - Cousine Island

Cousine Island

This secluded island in the Seychelles is a paradise for lovers. You can rent the entire island for your special day. Having said that, you will have to whittle your guest list down to the most special people in your lives; the island only accommodates eight couples.

Express your love on this island jewel in the middle of an emerald ocean, and make it a day you and your guests will never forget.

Wedding Locations Around The World - Italian Alps

Italian Alps

Not a lover of sand, surf and sun? Plan a winter wedding in Italy’s Alps. Peer into each other’s eyes in a candlelit corner of a fairytale castle or find a cozy chapel in which to pledge your love.

Like a scene out of a storybook the snow-covered stone houses, nestled into quaint little village,s and a backdrop of soaring white-capped mountains majestically reflect the test of time.

Wedding Locations Around The World - Kenya


For a wilder wedding destination, consider the dramatic landscape of Kenya. Whether your ideal wedding is a unique event in a secluded safari lodge, a black-tie affair in the bush, or a peaceful celebration along a river, you can find it in Kenya.

Spend your wedding night with champagne and candlelight under the stars, or rent a private retreat complete with butler and chef.

No matter where you want to celebrate your wedding day, if you’re looking for romance and isolation, there are still a few untouched places left on this earth for you to share the special moment with only loved ones and nature. Even though you will probably be gazing at each other more than at the landscape surrounding you, getting married in one of the most beautiful locations in the world guarantees that your pictures will make for an impressive wedding album.

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