World’s Best Budget Boutique Hotels

Budget Boutique Hotels

Staying in a boutique hotel can make a trip truly special with unique, stylish and luxurious design contrasting with the bland, mass produced rooms now so common in large chain hotels.

But what if you’re on a budget?  Aren’t boutique hotels expensive?  Not always it seems!

In our quest to help you save money on hotels, Hotels Fairy brings you the top 11 best boutique hotels under £100/night. (It was supposed to be a top 10, but you know how it is, we got a bit over excited!)

1. Hotel Triton, San Francisco, United States (from £60/night)

Budget Boutique Hotels

Created by a group of 8 artists in 1991 with a vision to create a truly special hotel in the heart of San Francisco, Hotel Triton surely is one of the best value boutique hotels in the world.  Its in a prime location near to the famous China Town gates, features stunning interior design and one of the city’s most eco-conscious hotels, yet you can book rooms for just £60/night.  Check me in!

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2. Atrium Fashion Hotel, Budapest, Hungary (from £40/night)

Atrium Boutique hotel budapest

Located in the heart of one of Europe’s most attractive cities, the Atrium Fashion Hotel in Budapest, Hungary is an unbelievable bargain.  The four-star hotel boasts cutting edge interior architecture and unique modern design at a price that you would normally expect to pay for a slightly dodgy guesthouse in Wales.  Rates vary depending on the season but are always good value.

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3. Villa Fol Avril, Moutiers-au-Perche, France (From £75/night)

France Budget Boutique Hotel

The Charming Villa Fol Avril is a perfect French country retreat with a beautiful setting, individually designed rooms and a relaxing garden with swimming pool.  It’s only 140 km from Paris, so with double rooms from £75 it’s a great place to escape for a quiet romantic break.

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4. Hotel Grimaldi, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, France (from £75/night)

Another little charmer in France, Hotel Grimaldi blends clean contemporary design with a perfectly restored medieval building, right next to the sea on the French Riviera.  Ooh la la!

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5. Hotel de Vie, Farnham, England (from £90/night)

The Four-Star Hotel De Vie in Farnham is exactly what a romantic boutique hotel should be.  Sensual, luxurious interior designs and bedding, oversized baths and an intimate restaurant, located in the centre of an attractive medieval town just a short train ride from London.  Perfect for a romantic weekend away.

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6. Mamas Design and Boutique Hotel, Bratislava, Slovakia (from £100/night)

Slovakia Boutique Hotel

Located just on the edge of the Slovakian capital’s historic centre down a quiet residential street is Mamas Design and Boutique Hotel.  Since its opening in 2009 guests have been delighted by it uber-modern interiors, designer swimming pool and roof terrace with views over the city.  Okay, during much of the year it’s a little over the £100 per night limit, but it’s still great value and is a bargain for anyone travelling in low season.

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7. Jam Suites Boutique Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina (from £60/night)

Jam Suites Boutique Hotel

If you’re looking for somewhere really funky then check out the musically inspired Jam Suites Boutique Hotel in Buenos Aires with its light, airy, colourful rooms.  Okay, it might be a little out of the way for most people but if you’re heading that way then it is the place to stay.

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8. Luxx XL Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (from £50/night )

Luxx XL Bangkok Boutique Hotels

You’d struggle to find a hotel anywhere else in the world with this much exclusivity and style at such a bargain price as the Luxx XL Hotel in Bangkok.  Designer rooms start from just under £50 a night and large suites are available for less than £75 per night.  The hotel is located in a 7 storey designer building and features a slate stone salt water infinity pool.

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9. Pulitzer Hotel, Rome, Italy (from £71/night)

Pulitzer Boutique Hotel

The ultra-modern four-star Pulitzer Hotel in Rome is perfect for those who love sharp, bold, contemporary design.  The hotel prides itself on combining super slick design with a welcoming family atmosphere.

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10. Fronlas Boutique Hotel, Llandeilo, Wales (from £75/night)

Fronlas Boutique Hotel

The colourful and vibrant Fronlas Boutique Hotel in Wales combines the cutting edge design you would expect from a boutique hotel with the personal service you’d expect of five-star B&B.  It is also one of the UK’s most eco-friendly hotels with organic mattresses, organic breakfast and eco-electricity.

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11. Farol Design Hotel, Cascais, Portugal (from £100/night)

Farol Boutique Hotel

Pushing the budget again a bit with this one, but the Farol Design Hotel is well worth considering with low season rates slipping under the £100 mark.  The ultramodern glass fronted hotel is perched on a rock just metres away from the sea on Portugal’s stunning coastline.  With simple and clean interior design and huge windows, the key design feature is the view itself.

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Hopefully, this has given you a bit of inspiration and demonstrated that you can stay in an exclusive luxury hotel without needing a huge budget.

If you have got any more suggestions for great budget boutique hotels or have visited any of the hotel’s featured above, please leave your comments below or use our hotel price comparison site to find the best available prices for on any of these boutique hotels.

Please note that prices stated are a rough guide only.

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