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When planning to have an Austrian get-away, be sure to leave the country with a piece of Bad Waltersdorf experience. Known as the ‘fruit bowl of Austria’, this Styrian village is also described as a place with endless views of wild flowers and meadows combined with lush manicured vegetation. Another set of magnificent views to look forward to are the cultivated hillsides with fruit trees, vineyards and sunflowers that abound in the area.

Situated 75 miles away from Vienna and 37 miles from Graz, Bad Waltersdorf is another spa village in the Eastern part of Styria (Steiermark). It is known for its healing thermal waters that have been stored 1,200m below the earth’s surface for more than 10,000 years.

Bad Waltersdorf

The thermal water has an average temperature of about 62°C and has a favourable mineralisation – which provides therapeutic effects. It is normally used for relieving hormonal unbalances, weak immune system, gastro-intestinal disorders, rheumatism and many other body ailments and conditions.

Bad Waltersdorf Hotels And Accommodation

Securing yourself with the best place to stay should be the first priority. The bewitching village of Bad Waltersdorf has a number of great hotels to choose from. A three-story luxury spa, The Quellen hotel and Spa Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf was originally created as a private facility and well-being centre.

It is situated on the edge of the woodlands that gives a stunning rural view to the valley below and beyond. Relaxation and space are the two most essential elements of the The Quellen hotel’s spiritual concept. Guest have a wide range of activities to experience and enjoy – which involve water, heat and sound to nourish wellness.

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Another good place to stay is the The H2o Hotel Therme Resort, where you can enjoy and relax from its very own spa facilities. Take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of water as you experience the wonderful bath and sauna services. Apart from these great hotel features, another highlight is the 192 tastefully arranged rooms. Also worth noting  the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa. This is another ideal option to stay to have a retreat from an active busy day.

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Things To Do In Bad Waltersdorf

An exciting Austrian holiday is often associated with a trip to snow covered expanses, ski lodges or to the impressive peaks of the Alps in Western Austria. However, there are more to look forward to than just these. The Eastern part of this country is fast earning an international reputation for its hot springs and spa destinations.

The fascinating village of Bad Waltersdorf is one of the most preferred towns by tourists from across countries to spend a meaningful retreat. When visiting Bad Waltersdorf, it is best to spend time in the diversity of spas that will provide you the sense of well-being and renewal. This is the best destination to escape stress and restore inner tranquility.

Quellen hotel Spa

Along with the good ambience, the inherently medicinal hot springs significantly create the ideal sanctuary for your relaxation. This package is further enhanced by spa therapists and technicians to serve you with their expertise in designing treatments for any of your ailments.

So whether you want to improve the texture and elasticity of your skin, ease your joint stiffness and muscle pain, or boost your immune system and circulation – the spas at Bad Waltersdorf are perfect pieces to complete your Bad Waltersdorf get-away.

Aside from the spas, there is another great option for those who want a different kind of experience – hot air ballooning. Spending a day ballooning is a romantic way to enjoy the picturesque Austrian countryside awaiting for you to see.

If you want to experience the action of outdoor activities, you may also go bicycling, Nordic walking, horseback riding or hiking on the magnificent rolling hills in Bad Waltersdorf.

Bad Waltersdorf

Where To Eat

Bad Waltersdorf has great mouth-watering cuisines in the village’s various restaurants available. These cater and satisfy the taste buds of the tourists who visit the place whole year ’round. If you want to have a taste of the enticing regional food – the special Austrian dishes, typical Styrian meals and à la carte – go straight to Gasthaus Teushler-Mogg on Leitersdorfberg street and feed your appetite.

Another place to enjoy good food is the restaurant at the Golf and Spa Hotel that offers a refined central dining room with a buffet area. Also, there are separate rooms which include romantic areas and Carinthian ‘stube’. Its breakfast buffet service includes wholemeal cereals, corn flakes, various types of bread, muesli, locally-made james, fresh fruits, fruit juices, eggs prepared specially as desired, traditional cured ham and cheese products, fresh milk and butter, cakes, croissants and organic foods.

For dinner, buffet service for hors d’oeuvres and vegetables are served on the table. The restaurant’s menu boasts a range of choices, which includes tasty Austrian soups and recipes based on local fish or Austrian meat.

When To Go

Since the overall temperature of this place is cold, it is okay to visit Bad Waltersdorf anytime of the year to spend relaxing days at the hot springs and spas in Bad Waltersdorf. The warm summers let you have hiking trips and hot air ballooning, while the mild winters are more suitable to be enjoyed at the spas and in the hot springs or for Nordic hikings.

H2O Bad Waltersdorf

If you’re going on a wellness break to Styria, Austria, you might be interested in some of the other spas nearby such as Therme Loipersdorf.