When you head down to the massive metropolitan city of Toronto, you might think that your holiday there will be an expensive affair. After all, when you have all the facilities that a big city provides, you have no option but to watch your wallet run dry as your wife or children burn out your credit card as if in anticipation of a nuclear fall-out.

Making sure that you get to enjoy is to find out ways that can help you get a taste of this beautiful city, without going through the trouble of bleeding yourself dry.

From the moment you get off one of the many flights to Toronto, you start running the meter on your holiday and to keep that meter on a lower end, here are some options you can slip into your itinerary.


Riverdale Farm


Riverdale Farm – Image by digiteyes

In the heart of downtown Toronto, the last thing you expect to find is a 7-acre space that is filled with farm animals. The Riverdale Farm is, essentially, a farm that has been built into the heart of the city and gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy the scenes of farm-hands going about their daily chores, for free!

That’s right, for no charge, you get to walk around this recreation of the 20th century life in the farms of Ontario.

Unlike most themed attractions, you won’t find any gift-shops or vending machines. What you will find is a good old-fashioned farm with people working hard and selling their produce through some fantastic home-made goods.


Centre Island

centre-island-torontoWhen you are in a city, looking at the sights and sounds can take its toll. Relaxation is important but finding a place that’s quiet and peaceful, in the middle of a city, is as hard as it is needed.

Centre Island is a fantastic little piece of park-land a little way out into the water. This island has a nice theme park with a lot of picnic and entertainment options for everyone, including barbecue pits, a number of rides and a whole lot of restaurants where you can spend some quality time with your family.

The 10-minute ferry ride costs about $4 to $8 and leaves every 15 minutes. If you are looking to go easy on the spending, then you might want to try and look at the option of enjoying a picnic or barbecue, rather than eat out at the restaurants.


The Distillery District

Attractions in Toronto - Distillery District

Distillery District- – Image by Peter Kudlacz

When you head down to the Distillery Historic District, you are greeted by a sight that makes you glad that you came down all the way to spend a few hours in this fantastic village. Cars aren’t allowed in this lovely district that has heritage architecture and a fantastically preserved sample of Victorian Industrial Architecture.

Every single store and shop is part of the heritage of this wonderful city and even if you aren’t planning to buy anything, you will thoroughly enjoy the walk through this wonderful part of the city.


St. Lawrence Market

st-lawrence-market-torontoWhen you think of Toronto, a farmer’s market isn’t really what comes to mind but the fact is, the St. Lawrence Market is known and acknowledged as being one of the best markets in the world, when it comes to antiques, food and farm-produce.

There are some brilliant eateries in the market, like the Carousel Bakery serving its delectable bacon on a bun. If you want, you could even opt in for a guided tour of the place that gets you to taste some of the local delicacies as well as gives you a complete walkthrough and history of the entire marketplace.

When you are planning a holiday, it is never a great idea to stuff it with free or cheap attractions rather than take a look at the real reasons why people visit those cities.

However, there is always a chance that you might want to control your spending and, at such times, it is best to include these, and other similar, attractions to the list just so that you get to save a bit of money without losing out on that holiday enthusiasm. After all, saving a bit of money here can let you enjoy more in some other place!

Lawrence Campbell

For Lawrence, the author of the “Attractions in Toronto” work has meant constant travels to and from the city of Toronto. In the little time that he gets, to explore the city, Lawrence has worked out a game plan to ensure that he will be able to enjoy every little thing he’s looking for, without hurting his time or budget.

He plans out these trips while sitting on those flights to Toronto and by the time he’s dealt with business, Lawrence has a plan that’s ready and waiting for him to start off on.