Holiday in Australia - Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House – Image by mjvsss

Planning a holiday in Australia can be more challenging than planning one in other countries because of the sheer size of the country. Australia is 7.6 million square kilometres with a coastline 36,735 kilometres long. Whilst this makes it only the sixth largest country in the world the population is around 19 million, just 3 million more than Tokyo.

This poses a problem to travellers in Australia, because all of the appealing sights are spread far and wide apart with large distances to travel between sights.

Holiday in Australia - Gold Coast, Coast Strip

Gold Coast, Coast Strip – Image by

However, with careful planning, this challenge can be overcome and Australia will provide the intrepid traveller with wonderful experiences and fantastic holiday memories to take home. This 5 part guide will provide you with some of the important elements to consider when planning a trip to Australia.

1. Hotels

For a short break of around a month or less it is sensible to focus on the East Coast of Australia because it will offer the best sights in relatively close proximity to each other. Booking hotels is an important first step as these will act as bases from which to travel out to the surrounding sights.

Holiday in Australia - Great Barrier Reef Australia

Great Barrier Reef Australia – Image by Andrea Courtney

It is worth booking serviced apartments in Sydney and Gold Coast apartments first because they offer excellent opportunities to see some of the greatest sights in Australia. From Sydney you can experience the Blue Mountains and the many sights within the city itself.

From the Gold Coast you can experience the best of surfing, The Great Barrier Reef, and some of the largest shopping centres in the country.

2. Buy a travel guide

A travel guide of Australia is a hefty tome and reading through the many varied opportunities available to a traveller will take some time. Buy a travel guide well in advance of departure and spend some time at home planning where to go and what to do when you arrive.

The choice is seemingly endless so be pragmatic about how much travelling you can actually handle and develop a travel plan to see as much as possible during your stay.

3. Get your documents ready

Many countries need a visa in order to enter Australia. Make sure you arrange your documents well in advance of your departure date and try to book flights 6 months or more in advance to benefit from the best prices.

Holiday in Australia - Barrier Reef

barrier-reef Img by: – PHO\\tom/GRAPHY

Check what you are and aren’t allowed to bring into Australia. There are strict limitations on what you are allowed to take into Australia and falling foul of these regulations can cost you heavy fines.

If you are bringing something into the country that you are unsure about then declare it because a fine of $10,000 will put a damper on your holiday before it even starts.

4. Health and Safety

Australia is very clean and hygienic so you do not need to worry too much about your general health. However, Australia is home to numerous poisonous animals which could cause fatality if you are bitten. Antidotes are available but it is better to first know what you are up against so that you can avoid getting bitten.

Make sure you read up on the wildlife in the area you are visiting so that you are prepared and take out insurance should the worst happen and you need it.

5. Money

There are many ways to withdraw money in Australia but ATMs have a standard charge for withdrawals for all foreign accounts. It is wise to carry cash with you to Australia should you not be able to access your cards. It is also wise to put money into one of the many options of international traveller cards.

These will enable you to withdraw cash without charge at millions of cash points around the country.