New York City holidays are a thrill ride to capture the most discriminating traveler. Never a dull moment in The Big Apple, Manhattan radiates a manic vibe for action, fun and new experiences to try. From international cuisine on every corner to high culture at the world’s most prestigious museums, New York City has it all and is everywhere you want to be.

Though New York is synonymous with wealth, luxury and indulgences, not every trip to Manhattan has to break the bank. Some of the most fun you will have comes from the street, free attractions and low cost full and half-day excursions. Plan your work and work your plan to make a New York City break and keep the budget cut down to size.

The longer you can stay, the longer you have to play. Affordable accommodation is easy to find and all inclusive package deals are the industry’s best bargain deals. Live it up and let yourself go with 5 unique must-see New York City attractions.

1. The Empire State Building. More than just a fabulous lookout tower, the Empire State Building provides quick tours and has a state-of-the-art motion ride on the second floor. The ride is filled with New York history and a sky-high view of the city. First-time city visitors can get a good virtual grip on Manhattan before pounding the pavement for some action. Tickets are priced as a moderate and this is destination number one for spectacular city views.

Top Things To Do In New York

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2. The New York City Stock Exchange. This tour is a decent into madness with a mezzanine view hovering over the trading floor. Feel the pulse of the world’s largest and most thrilling stock exchange. Tickets are free, however they sell out quickly. Be sure to get in line early to snag your space. After your tour, take a leisurely stroll over to Battery Park for breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty.

The botanical gardens and expansive green space is ideal for waterfront photography and a chance to capture some of the most notable landmarks in one shot.

3. The GE Building. This famous landmark is opened to the public and contains over 300 shops in the underground mall. Stretched over 23 acres, this is a serious shopper’s paradise. In addition, the GE Building is home to the legendary Rainbow Room and 35 restaurant offering fare in all price ranges.

Things To Do In New York

4. The Downtown Boathouse. This gem does not do much advertising and gained a stellar reputation by word of mouth. They offer free kayaks and quick instruction to visitors who want to take-off in their own vessel. Glide past the New York skyline and feast your eyes on the magic of New York. Though donations are always appreciated, your New York City kayaks are absolutely free. Kayaking is available from 9AM until 6PM on most days from Pier 96. Walk-up service is the way it works and no reservations are required.

5. New York City culture reaches beyond The Met with a variety of popular TV shows taped almost every day. Tickets to participate in the audience are 100 % free and make a great afternoon or evening out on the town. Check out David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, Live With Regis and Kelly and more. Television studios are chilly, so be sure to take a wrap even in the summer time. Try to reserve your tickets as soon as possible especially for Davis Letterman.

Best Things To Do In New York

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George, the author of the “5 unique things to do in New York city” is a US travel blogger living in NY.