Tips for Moving to London - Big Ben So you have decided you want to up sticks and move to the wonderful and vibrant city of London! Perhaps it is work that brought you to this decision, or maybe it is even the vast array of interesting folk and the energetic nightlife this renowned city has to offer.

For whatever your intentions may be, these five handy tips will guide you on getting the most out of moving to London;

Choose your location carefully:
It is advised that no matter where you live in London, work, shopping and everything else you will need, should be within an hours reach.

As I’m sure you are aware, public transport can be a nightmare so if you’re traveling any further than an hour to and from work then just imagine how long that hour could really take in the hustle and bustle of London’s transport network during rush hour!

It is also a very good idea to research London areas so when you pop down to your local watering hole, you’re greeted by a friendly bunch which you have lots in common with.

For example those of you with a passion for music and all things art then I recommend Camden as it has a large collection of “Bohemian, musicians and those with a general interest arty things. If on the other hand you enjoy mingling with travelers and those with different cultural backgrounds then Wimbledon is the place for you!

Get yourself an Oyster card:
It is pretty much imperative that you get your hands on one these babies! They are used for near enough every mode of transport in London, from buses and trams to even the tube and the London Overground. An Oyster card is basically a small electronic smart-card which you use to swipe across the yellow readers at tube gates and other modes of transport.

If on the other hand you live on the greener side of life and enjoy cycling as opposed to the hectic ways of public transport, then you may be interested in cycle hiring. All you do is order yourself a membership key which are incredibly cheap, and then rent out bicycles from docking stations. It’s simple, it’s cheap and it makes getting around London much easier than public transport.

The transition:
It can be quite a shock moving from the green lands of Yorkshire and other countryside places, to the busy urban life of London.

However, what you may not realize is that London has its leafy side too! Why not ease yourself into its settings by choosing to live an area where park life dominates, such as around Hyde Park or Battersea Park? Being able to step outside your front door and be surrounded by lush greenery can really help you to settle into your new inner city surroundings.

Get street smart:
This tip should be quite obvious really. Much like anywhere in the U.K, there are certain areas of London that have their fair share of gangs and undesirables who like to come out to play after dark. So when you’re returning home from a fantastic night out, use your head and don’t talk to strangers and don’t flash your brand spanking new iPod about. Travel in groups or be safe and get a taxi!

There are many safe ways to travel around London at night but the key thing to remember is to be smart, be safe!

Melvin the author of the “5 top tips for moving to London” who lives in London and writes for a free guide covering free things to do in London and tips on moving to the capital.