In the past couple of decades we have become increasingly concerned about how our actions are affecting the Earth both for us and for future generations. Eco-tourism is a hot topic at the moment, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most shocking eco-unfriendly holidays.

Four-Wheel Driving Holidays

Eco-Unfriendly Holidays - Four-Wheel Driving Holidays

Many people who head overseas like to hire a big 4-wheel drive vehicle for taking them around the sites. While they may be very practical, they are causing tremendous damage to the environment.

Sometimes 4-wheel drive vehicles are necessary to be able to see some of the most isolated regions of the world, so it can be a difficult decision. These types of vehicles use up huge amounts of gas – so if you have to use one you should find a model that is as fuel efficient as possible.

Don’t drive 4-wheel drives when it’s unnecessary – such as around the streets of a city – swap them for a smaller, more fuel-efficient car or even a hybrid.

Ski Resort Holidays

Ski Resort Holidays

Recent studies have shown that many of the world’s ski resorts are causing huge damage to the surrounding environments. Although ski resorts are starting to respond to the concern of their patrons, most still have a long way to go.

Skiing is damaging to wildlife – as it disturbs their natural habitat. Additionally, the way that ski resorts flatten the ski runs changes the way vegetation grows and also involves chopping down trees.

Before booking a ski holiday, make sure your resort is making changes to ensure it is causing minimal damage to the environment.

Arriving by Plane

Arriving by Plane

By far the most eco-unfriendly way to travel is by plane. The carbon footprint you leave after even a short flight is immense, however unfortunately it is often the only way we can get to many destinations. Why not try taking a holiday somewhere closer to home where you can drive or catch a train to? The Earth will thank you.

Skydiving Holidays

Skydiving Holidays

Skydiving may seem like a harmless adventure activity, but every time a plane takes a new person up it is using large amounts of fuel that are undoubtedly damaging to the environment. For a more eco-friendly thrill, try Base jumping.

Space Shuttle Flights

Eco-Unfriendly Holidays - Space Shuttle Flights

While this may not be an issue right now – it may certainly cause concern in the near future. As the launch (excuse the pun) of space shuttle flights for tourists is fast approaching, environmentalists are becoming increasingly worried about the effects it will have on the Earth. The main damage is done during the launch – which requires millions of gallons of fuel to get the rocket off the ground; imagine this on a regular basis.

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