The most popular cars in Australia depict the essential feel of the people and environment of the country. The top two vehicles are both sport utility vehicles with the middle two vehicles being sedans and the final vehicle on the list being a cross-over.

Popular Cars in Australia - Range Rover Evoque TD4 Pure

Range Rover Evoque TD4 Pure

This little Range Rover is the smallest one ever created. It boasts an impressive sound system and voice recognition software. With cruise control, push-button start and rear parking sensors, this vehicle is technologically sound.

There are three different engines to choose from, this vehicle is ideal for street and off-road driving. The toughness that the Range Rover is known for is tempered with the leather interior and wood highlights that this new vehicle offers. This vehicle comes in two sizes, the 5 door and the smaller 3 door.

Popular Cars in Australia - Cruiser Toyota FJ

Toyota FJ Cruiser

This vehicle is also a sports utility vehicle. This vehicle has the feel of the Landrover but is iPod compatible and a five speed engine. The speakers on this vehicle compliment the iPod’s ability to handle amazing music by releasing that music from ceiling based speakers.

The big detail on this vehicle is the rear facing hinges on the doors. This means that the doors open wider and allow wider things to be carried in the vehicle. This also makes it easier for people to get in and out of the vehicle. Typically an after market adjustment, this is a standard feature on this vehicle.

Popular Cars in Australia - Volvo S60 T6Volvo S60 T6

Volvo is known for the extensive safety features on their vehicles. The Volvo S60 T6 is certainly not shy on any of those safety features. These safety features are now paired with some of the hottest lines seen in the Outback. The Volvo S60 T6 has a coup like top line that makes it a little short on height in the back, but streamlined.

Holden Cruze SRi-V

These vehicles are Popular Cars in Australia - Holden Cruzemanufactured in Australia and are redesigned from the previous Korean based versions.

The up-to-date look includes new grills, new bumpers and new headlights. The engine has even been updated to a new petrol based engine.

Popular Cars in Australia - Volkswagen PoloVolkswagen Polo 77 TSI

This crossover features a duel clutch transmission that helps the vehicle to handle sharp turns and provides that engine with the full purr that drivers love.

This vehicle features a fifth door and the wagon style allows for plenty of storage and provides an active feel. The Polo features a classy feel and feels a lot like a scaled down Volkswagen Golf.

A vehicle should display an individual’s personality. The people of Australia show their love of the outdoors and driving with these five consumer vehicles.

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