The 5 Best Places To Have A Buck’s Party

A Buck's Party - Man on a buck's partyIf your mate has successfully popped the question and is about the tie the knot, you are going to want to celebrate in style and organize the best buck’s party ever for him.

Don’t just automatically go for the sleazy strip club option, and instead make it the kind of party that celebrates both his pending marriage as well as the lasting friendship and support of his mates.

If you are stuck for ideas, consider the following for ways to properly celebrate with your best mate.

Go To The Races

Hitting the track with your buddies is a great idea any time, especially as a buck’s celebration. There are bars and restaurants there, so food and drink will be covered, and there’s nothing more fun than having a few beers and cheering on some winners with the fellas.

Check out the racing tips before you head to the track and see which of you is as clever as you think you are. There will be no shortage of ladies around for the non-attached guys in your crew and you’ll have the whole day to hang out together and remember the crazy days before your mate found his special lady.

Best Places To Have A Buck's Party - Tequila Sunrise

The Local Pub

It sounds too simple, though there is no better way to make sure all the guys can make it to the party than by holding it at your local pub. Rather than going off to some low quality club that means nothing to any of you, mark this huge occasion at the place you’ve all come to for years.

Pubs in Melbourne usually have back rooms that you might even be able to rent out, so if you live in this great city, support your community and keep the money in your area.

Rent A Houseboat

If your mates are the rowdy types, it might be worth getting away from other people where you can be as loud as you want. Avoid the potential trouble of getting into fights or even arrested by taking your party out of town and renting a houseboat for the weekend.

All you’ll need to do is bring the food and of course the alcohol, and you and your mates will be guaranteed a great time whooping it up out on the water.

Rent A Penthouse Suite

If you have a bit of money and your best mate is the luxury loving type, get everyone to chip in and rent a super fancy penthouse suite for a two day party. You have probably all wanted to do this at some point and this will save you heaps of money by buying your own alcohol in bulk rather than paying top dollar at the local dodgy strip club.

 Whatever you decide to do, put some thought into what the buck himself would want to do. Just because you want a stripper doesn’t mean he will and there are better ways of having fun then just drinking yourselves under the table.

He’s your best mate, so go to a bit of trouble and make this a time to celebrate not just his marriage but also mateship.