Tips to beat your fear of flyingAlthough most people are aware that flying is statistically safer than being in a car, once you are in an airplane, emotion, rather than logic, can quickly become a controlling factor.

Early this month I was on my way back from  from Australia in a great Airbus flights to London from Australia and I found myself seated next to a quiet gentlemen that I guessed to be in his mid 30s. He spent a lot of time looking around the plane’s cabin and mumbling to himself.

Once I was able to get to him to open up a bit, I was able to find out that this was his first time on a plane and he was very nervous about it.

He told me that he knew and understood the statistics, but he just couldn’t stop himself from getting worked up. He was emotional and as soon as the plane started to move, still on the ground, he was gripping the armrest hard enough to turn his knuckles white.

I told him to breathe, but he was done talking. If you, like my seatmate on that day, are terrified of flying but find yourself needing to be on a plane, here are some tips that might help to make your journey a bit easier:


Get to the airport early enough that you will not have to rush. This may seem too simple, but having to run and squirm through baggage and security checks is only going to put your nerves on end. If you can make your time in the airport casual, then you will have an easier time being logical once you have reached your seat on the plane.

Seat Chioce

If your airline allows you to choose your seat, pick an aisle seat. This can help you to not feel closed in while on the plane, and you will also not have such an easy view of the ground once you have taken off. This can help any feelings of vertigo or motion sickness you may have to deal with.

Look Forward

Remember that when the flight is over you will be at a great vacation destination or back home with your loved ones. If you stay positive you more likely to be able to remain logical, rather than emotional. Smiling is a great way to remind your body and mind that everything is alright.

Busy Mind

Make sure to bring something that will keep your mind busy. A good book or an MP3 player filled with your favorite music can be great tools in this regard. If you are focusing on what you are doing, instead of what the plane is doing, then you are much less likely to panic.

Dress to Stay Chilled

Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that are loose fitting and shoes that you can slip on and off. This way, if you have a long flight you are more likely to be able to catch a few winks.

About the Author 

Jay Scott, the author of the “Five fantastic tips for your fear of flying” is a travel blogger and a writer who loves air travel to far-flung places in this world.