Cirque du Soleil

5. Las Vegas
Las Vegas needs no introduction, and perhaps the most accurate thing we might say about it is that everything in Vegas is in a constant battle to outdo itself. Casino owners tear down their establishments rebuild them regularly, not because the buildings are in need of renovation but just because they can.

Enjoy Happy Hour on the Strip and Graveyard specials at Southpoint, or go all out with a $50 front-line pass at the Bank at the Bellagio. Whether it’s Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club you want or the Cirque du Soleil, you’ll find it in Vegas on a stage.

4. New Orleans
The magic and history of New Orleans is difficult to put into words. The city thrives on music and art and even the night life has a rich cultural soul.

From the National World War II Museum to the Southern Repertory Theatre, exhibitions and performance art will leave you with a sense of having truly traveled through time.

And once you have satisfied the mind you can treat the stomach to French Cajun and Creole Fusion that literally adds spice to and sustenance to your experience.

U.S. Travel Destinations - Skydeck in Chicago


3. Chicago
Chicago is known for its jazz, blues and fine dining but its history is rich and there are quite a few ways to discover it. You may visit one of its 47 museums or take an official Gangster Tour—only in Chicago. Explore the world of Al Capone with a two-hour tour that carries you into another dimension to experience history in a way you never thought you would.

When you’re done reliving crime and dirty politics, good luck choosing among the myriad of Chicago’s Farmer’s Markets, and good luck getting out on an empty stomach.

And of course, before heading out to your favorite comedy club, be sure to visit The Skydeck so that you can see the city from 103 floors up, taking in its stunning modern architecture.

2. Miami
Miami is a contradiction in terms. It’s too beautiful to be unruly and too unpredictable to be tamed. Enjoy swimming with the dolphins or the award winning Spa at Mandarin Oriental. Walk the South Beach boardwalk, rent a scooter or rent a convertible. These are all perfectly consistent with Miami.

From the modern art of the Art Deco District to the sands of Miami beach, there is never a dull moment in Miami. Dine, lounge, dance or drink at Nikki Beach at One Ocean Drive and never have to make a choice between clubbing and lounging on the beach.

Make a stop at the Versace House, or Casa Casuarina, and relive history at the site of his tragic death. But don’t forget about Horizon’s Edge Casino Cruise–Miami’s only casino cruise, featuring gourmet foods, live entertainment and, of course, on board gambling. The city of Miami is as beautiful as its people.

1. New York City
If you haven’t been to Manhattan, you feel you’ve been missing out on something big. And when you finally get there you discover you were right. You will discover that Manhattan is for those who appreciate an extravagant night life and it’s for people who prefer pubs. New York City has got it all and when the city has tired you out, you can head out to Brighton Beach or the Coney Island Boardwalk.

For the culturally-minded, there are more museums than you can visit in one stay; ride the Staten Island Ferry for free and enjoy the sights, including Governor’s Island, the infamous Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Ellis Island.

Elena Rodriges the author of the “5 Exquisite U.S. travel destinations” is a travel write who has recently retired in New York after a long career abroad working as a journalist for a US media cooperation.