Destinations You Must Avoid - Las Vegas If you ask friends and family for vacation tips, you are sure to hear about all the places that you absolutely must visit. What you may not hear about are the places you should avoid.

The beaches and theme parks of Florida are always popular destinations, as are the big, bright lights of New York, but what areas should travelers avoid if they wish to make the best of their vacation?

Families with children often think they can go anywhere and that children will enjoy the trip. The truth is, there are quite a few places that make for poor family vacation destinations.

Children are full of energy and enjoy running around; as such, outings that involve museums or art galleries are poor choices. Likewise, destinations that are geared toward adults, like Las Vegas, are inappropriate for young children. Kids are sure to be exposed to things parents would rather they not see while walking down the streets of Sin City, and parents will be banned from visiting any locales that serve alcohol while kids are in tow.

 Destinations You Must Avoid - Iraq While visiting war-torn countries may sound like an exciting adventure, in reality, it is simply a bad idea. Nations at war generally have unstable governments, and tourists face the risk of kidnapping or injury during conflicts.

Trying to visit Iraq or Afghanistan right now is akin to walking down the street in a bad part of town with a Rolex and a wad of cash in your hand; insurgents are desperately trying to ensure their message stays strong, and hostages guarantee that they will get the attention they seek.

Lastly, it is honorable to want to spend your vacation time trying to help the less fortunate in third world countries. However, there is little a single person can do by themselves, and more harm is likely to come from the trip than good.

Disease is rampant in these poor countries, and if you are not update-to-date on your shots or accidentally ingest tainted food or water, you could find yourself gravely ill. If you wish to do good and help the people of countries like Haiti or Uganda, consider donating to charitable causes or joining a relief organization.

When picking a vacation destination, keep in mind the activities you and your family enjoy, and find a place that caters to those pastimes. Young children love rollercoasters and several US cities have great theme parks coupled with towns that are rich in history.

For the risk-taker who wants to visit rough terrain, consider packing a backpack and hiking the Swiss Alps. Vacations should be fun and free of worry, and choosing the appropriate destination ensures you will have the time of your life.

Amber Tate, the author of the “3 Destinations You Must Avoid” has travelled extensively around the world; you could say she was born into a family of travellers considering that her parents leave to the warmer climates during the winter season.