There are many things to do in Berlin, so if you have just 24 hours, what exactly can you do? This article will go through some of the major hotspots, tours and activities that you can do while in Berlin. So, try one of these things out to see the best of Berlin.


Badeschiff 24 Hours in Berlin

Badeschiff – Image by La Laetti

Known as the “Bathing Ship,” this is a former barge that has been converted into a large swimming pool. Not only that, but this barge has yet another side during the night. During the late hours, the Badeschiff turns into a lively nightclub. But wait, there is one more side to this attraction during the winter.

During the colder months, saunas are added to this attraction. It doesn’t matter when you are in Berlin, you can see something interesting when you visit this ship.


Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall
It’s a common spot for many people new to Berlin to visit because of its historical significance and the lively graffiti found on the wall itself. There is one, lone stretch of the Berlin Wall still remaining, but it is still a stark reminder of how things used to be years ago. Visit the wall and see all that is left, and you will feel the history and the power behind this spot.

Absinth Depot
Everyone has heard of the Green Fairy, but few people have tasted her before. While absinth is illegal in most countries, it is perfectly legal in Berlin. So, if you want to see what all the hype is about, then visit the Absinth Depot and have a sip. However, just make sure you don’t have too much.

To the uninitiated, this appears like nothing more than a simple TV tower. However, to the inhabitants of Berlin, this is a great spot where you can see one of the best views in Berlin. Climb atop the tower and you will see all of the houses and buildings in the Berlin area. Just make sure you go early in the morning, because this spot can get very crowded.

Zgreus Projekt
What is better than art and food? What about having the two together? This art gallery is renowned for the installations, art pieces and multi-course dinners. Every month, a new piece of art is added to the gallery. Not only that, but top German chefs come together to make meals inspired by the new art pieces. This gallery only caters to a small number of diners, so make sure you get there before everyone else does.

Berliner Dom

24 Hours in Berlin? Visit Berliner dom

Berliner Dom – Image by Lestidae

Better known as the Berlin Cathedral to English speakers, this cathedral has some of the most breathtaking architecture ever associated with a religious building. Found on Museum Island, you can see amazing art and architecture and you can appreciate all of the work that went into making this cathedral possible.



A large palace located in Berlin, this is one of the few places in Berlin that abandons the modern age of design and engulfs itself into the gallant and beautiful designs of centuries ago.

This palace is great for anyone that likes to see wonderful palaces, and it is also surrounded by a fair amount of stores and restaurants that will please anyone.

Is fashion your thing? Then go to the Berlinomat. Here you can find over 100 different designers, all born from the Berlin area, working on the most stunning designs ever seen. Not only that, but there is lively, electronic music blasting over the speakers, so you can feel the beat and inspect the newest fashion at the same time. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is great to see what the newest designers are coming up with.

Berlin is home to many attractions. Some of them have a lot of history, while others are fun no matter what your interests are. Just go to one of these spots, and you will be able to experience an entirely new side of Berlin that most people don’t know about. Whether you have just 24 hours in Berlin or longer, these are some of the best places you can visit. So get into your car and start driving around if you want to hit all these spots.

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