An amazing introduction to IndiaThey say a picture’s worth a thousand words and that is absolutely true.

But if a picture’s worth thousand words then what about a video, a film or a short movie?


So at we decided to find and bring you some of the best short videos and films, introducing you to different countries, cultures and holiday destinations.

To most people a holiday means a short period of relaxation away from home, sometimes in their home country some times abroad.

However, travelling is a complete different story.

For us at travelling is about a quest, a search of different cultures and civilisations. It is about discovering, tasting, experiencing, feeling.

When you travel your senses are taking you over to a sensational journey, you want to discover new worlds, you want to touch new things, you want to taste different foods.

Smell the ground that you step on or the air that you breath. You want to hear the humming of the birds or the unique symphony that only the waves or the wind can orchestrate for your ears.

This is what travelling is all about.

So today we staring our quest to discover the world with the first of many to follow short videos about travelling. This video has been brought to our attention by a fellow fairy.

Thank you Vineeta,

This video is an amazing introduction to India.