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Top Tips To Guarantee A Great Holiday In Puerto Pollensa

Enjoying a wonderful luxury holiday in Pollensa is easy when visitors know tips for the best places to go. The beautiful Puerto Pollensa cillas offer the perfect starting point for a visit to this quaint and scenic destination.

The gorgeous scenery with glistening, sandy beaches and its friendly and warm atmosphere make Pollensa a popular destination. The traditions of the Mallorcan area are honoured by evening walks on the Pine Walk.

A Memorable Sight Seeing Opportunity 

Pollensa staircase

One of the best sightseeing opportunities in Pollensa takes place at the top of the famous Calvari staircase.

By climbing the 365 steps of this world-famous staircase, visitors are rewarded with one of the best views in Pollensa. The steps are lined with majestic Cypress trees. The quaint and pretty El Calvari chapel is situated at the top of the steps.

The view is spectacular and gives visitors a feel for the geography of the area along with the landscape of the town and the Pollensa coastline.

A Trip To Formentor Is Recommended 

A quiet, out-of-the-way place that is definitely worth seeing is a hidden cove called Formentor on the left side of Puerto Pollensa. Leaving the Puerto Pollensa villas, one can get there by bus or by boat. Photo opportunities in Formentor are incredible.

If visiting by bus, the ride is slightly exhilarating due to steep drops and very tightly wound bends in the road. The drivers are professionals and know the best way to navigate this challenging roadway.

There is a hotel in Formentor where Agatha Christie once stayed that is worth visiting. A swimming trip is also a great way to spend an afternoon in Formentor, giving visitors a chance to swim in the crystal blue bay water.

A boat leaves the area and takes visitors back to Puerto Pollensa on an hour-long trip.

An Exciting Evening In The Main Square 

A visit to Puerto Pollensa’s main square is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend an evening. Enjoy the cuisine of many places in one of Pollensa’s many interesting restaurants.

One creative cuisine restaurant called Tiberi is a unique way to try cuisines from many areas in one convenient place. There are also traditional restaurants like a Pizzeria, the Mojito Grill and a Nostalgia Bar & Bistro that offer delicious options.

Immersing oneself fully in the Majorcan culture is easy on a luxury holiday in Puerto Pollensa. The sights are breathtaking and the hospitality is warm and inviting.

The Puerto Pollensa villas offer the perfect base to begin the exciting adventures.

Why Menorca Is The Perfect Destination For Families

Any family planning an island holiday should consider travelling to Menorca. Menorca is the most tranquil of the Balearic Islands, situated in the welcoming climate of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many things to do and places to explore that are unique to the island, creating a distinctive experience that is difficult for other destinations to match. Here are some things that you should try to experience during your holiday in Menorca.

Menorca harbour

Staying On The Island 

Menorca is a perfect destination for a relaxing seaside holiday. While on holiday, you can stay at one of the well-appointed villas in Menorca. Many of the holiday villas in Menorca are located a short distance from the beaches, making it easy for the family enjoy the water at any time of day. Watch the sunrise from the comfort of the villa and let the sound of the surf lull you to sleep at the end of day.

These villas come with all of the modern conveniences, making it easy for you to care for your family during your holiday. This also comes in handy if the weather isn’t right for outside activities during one of the days you are staying on the island. With all of the comforts of home, you can spend quality family time together inside or outside of the villa.

Menorca Villa

Wildlife Excursions 

Menorca is a stunning setting for many different types of wildlife. The island has some of the most beautiful nature preserves and unique archaeological sites in the world. Anyone that loves the outdoors will enjoy exploring the rolling hills of the countryside, the sandy beaches, or the rugged cliffs of the coastline.

Take your family and your cameras out to explore the flora and fauna of these untouched areas. You may see some species that you have never seen before living in their natural environment.

Pristine Beaches 

Menorca’s pristine beaches are another good reason for your family to visit the island. The island has 216 km of coastline to explore. A number of good swimming spots decorate the coast. Some of the spots are easy to get to while some are relatively remote and unexplored.

Find your own stretch of uncrowded, undeveloped coastline to enjoy in one of the remote sandy bays. It is easy to escape the areas that many tourists visit to create your own adventure.

Menorca Is The Perfect Destination

The diversity of the restaurants, entertainment options, and holiday villas in Menorca make it likely that you will be able to plan the perfect destination holiday for your family. There is something for everyone on the island, giving you the chance to relax and truly enjoy the experience of your holiday.

What makes Cala d’Or the perfect base for a family holiday?

family holiday by the seaIt isn’t, perhaps, the first place you’d think to book a holiday. A small piece of land on the eastern shores of Majorca, it lacks the grandeur and five-star attractions that so many Mediterranean islands offer. You can walk the entire coast within a day, half a day if you hustle.

So why would anyone want to travel to Cala d’Or? Why should families choose this small dot on the map instead of one of the “big name” islands? Here are just a few reasons for the perfect base for a family holiday.

The Views 

Cala d’Or villas offer some of the most stunning sights in all of the Mediterranean. Not only are the beaches sky blue and crystal clear, but the mountains to the west offer a dramatic skyline and amazing sunsets. The villas themselves are beautiful, too, with dirt-paved rocks and white-washed buildings dating back centuries. The entire family will feel like they’ve stepped into a real life postcard.

Family holiday at Cala d`OrThe Adventure

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s boring! Venture from the peace of Cala d’Or villas and have yourself an adventure at the marina. Explore the many shops, cafes and restaurants lining the coast; have fun with trampolines and go-carts in the children’s centre Mallorcalandia; take a glass-bottomed boat out on the water and admire the colourful fish that swim along with you. Whether you’re six or sixty, you’re sure to find a great holiday experience in Cala d’Or.

The Music

Cala d’Or is a quiet, peaceful island… most of the time. Several times a year, however, the island transforms itself into an international hub of music and dance, with all the local Cala d’Or villas coming together in a celebration of sound, culture and heritage.

The Fiesta of la Mare de Déu del Mar, or “Celebration of Our Lady of the Sea,” is a summertime festival with outdoor concerts and parades around the harbour. The Cala d’Or International Jazz Festival, also held during summer, attracts big-name jazz musicians from all around the world.

While jazz and maritime feasts might not be to your kids’ tastes, sometimes the adults have to have a little fun too, right?

Central Cala d'Or Pedestrian Zone

Central Cala d’Or Pedestrian Zone

These are just a few of the reasons to consider Cala d’Or as the perfect base for a family holiday. From beautiful villas to high-energy go-cart races, you can count on it to provide a unique, memorable trip for the whole family.

A Tourist guide to Kefalonia Greece

Villas in Kefalonia Greece

Well-travelled tourists to Greece consider Kefalonia as boasting the most scenic beaches among the Greek Islands. Kefalonia, located on the Northwest coast of Greece, has a light population of about 37,000 souls, offering 37 sandy and warm beaches to explore along its 236 km of coastline.

The island offers wonderful opportunities to pop out of bed from any number of private villas in Kefalonia and take a stroll among the many mountains on the island.

In fact, this Ionian island is the most mountainous in the island chain with Mount Ainos as its tallest peak at 1,628 meters.

The rocky coastline offers a well-paced scattering of both pebble and white, sandy beaches. Tourists can enjoy the outstanding aquamarine sea at Myrtos Bay situated on the Northwest side of the island.

Assos village, a tiny hamlet, is easily spied from here, which is overseen by a Venetian fortress. Luxury yachts and fishing caiques line the harbour in the pretty Venetian village of Fiscardo.

Luxury Villas in Kefalonia

The pleasant town of Argostoli is home to about a third of the population of the island, while Lixouri holds another third. The remainder of the population is scattered about at a very thin rate.

A day trip to Kaminia beach to check out the rare loggerhead turtle is a treat for the children. On the east coast, tourists can watch the rare monk seal play in the water.

Another point of interest is the splendid archaeological museum at Argostoli. It holds fascinating artefacts that go back to 40,000 BC, including coins, articles from ancient Mycenaean tombs and spectacular finds from the Roman Empire burial sites, including glass pots, bronze implements, gold earrings and bronze masks.

It’s believed that the apostle Saint Paul was shipwrecked here in 59 AD and stayed three months.

Tourists on holiday have a wide selection of villas in Kefalonia to stay at and make into a base from which to explore this lightly trod island, including fun excursions to the mysterious underground lake and Myrtos beach.

Kefalonia beach Greece

Villa accommodations include both very private apartments and homes. Tourists on holiday may choose villas that sleep from a single person up to 10 or more people. Bedrooms range from one and up to four.

A single bedroom may accommodate up to four individuals. Couples, of course, can arrange a single bedroom for themselves.

The tourist guide to Kefalonia has been brought to you by

Why You Should Spend Your Honeymoon in the Maldives

The Maldives Islands lie in the Indian Ocean just south of the tip of India and are made up of more than 1,200 coral islands of which only 200 are inhabited. Throughout the islands, there are over 70 spectacular holiday resorts offering first class service, spas and fine dining. This island definitely places the emphasis on quality over quantity.

Honeymoon in the Maldives

Maldives island

A top reason for spending your honeymoon and holidays in the Maldives is for the seclusion and isolation you can experience. Despite being private, hotel resorts in the Maldives are far from lacking. Most luxury hotel resorts on the islands have spacious air conditioned rooms, 24 hour room service, ivory white beaches lined with palm trees, spa and massage facilities, freshwater pools and fully equipped gyms.

The resorts also immerse you in nature. You will be entertained by golden sunsets, breathtaking sunrises and the symphony of the calm waters around you.

Your Honeymoon in the Maldives

Honeymoon in the Maldives

Another reason for spending your honeymoon in the Maldives has to be the world class cuisine which is offered at many resorts throughout the islands. Most resorts have gourmet buffets and at least one onsite restaurant.

Some resorts have as many as six restaurants to choose from where you will be left spoilt for choice. The cuisine varies from everything from fine selections of fresh fish to curries. The beautiful setting combined with delicious food makes Mauritius a very hard honeymoon destination to beat indeed.

Honeymoon in the Maldives

Your Honeymoon in the Maldives

The third reason to spend your holidays to the Maldives is to enjoy the sparkling sandy beaches and sun. Sun worshippers will love the picture perfect beaches where you can easily spend the day soaking up the rays and relaxing.

Maldives holidays offer visitors the chance to go snorkelling and scuba diving, or do absolutely nothing but read a book under the azure blue skies whilst sipping on cocktails. Many luxury resorts have beautiful coral reefs just metres away from them in private lagoons. These lagoons are perfect for basking in the water or going for leisurely swims and snorkelling.

Your Honeymoon in the Maldives

Villa for your Honeymoon in the Maldives

The fourth reason to choose the Maldives as your ideal honeymoon location is for romance. You and your partner will benefit from the sheer romantic setting of the Maldives. Enjoy quiet times walking on the warm sandy beaches and picture yourselves taking sips of fine wine as you dine watching the sun set on the horizon followed by warm dips in private lagoons under the moonlight.

Author: This article was contributed by Sandra Jones, a travel writer who visited the Maldives for the first time in 2012 with Western & Oriental.

Bali Holidays – Why You Should Visit Bali

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with thousands of visitors flocking to the country each year.

The rapid growth in tourism which Bali has enjoyed over the last five years has positively improved the countries culture and lifestyle by creating a stable and sustainable income.

Bali and its surrounding islands are home to over 3 million people, with most of the islands employment being in the hotel and tourism industry.

Why You Should Visit Bali

Pura Ulun Danu Temple

A major reason so many choose Bali holidays is due to the warm tropical climate of 20 to 33 degrees Celsius all year round. This tropical climate is perfect for a huge variety of Balinese flora to thrive, including holy Banyan trees, swaying palm trees, bamboos and flowers. Many holiday makers go to Bali and are surprised by seeing the masses of beautiful flowers used throughout the country.

Do not be surprised if you smell the natural aromatic and soothing scents of jasmine, bougainvillea and hibiscus throughout the country. Flowers are used absolutely everywhere.

Bali Holidays

A typical Balinese sunset

In 2010, Bali was the most popular holiday destination in Asia, voted by Due to Bali’s popularity with tourists looking for a variety of culture, landscape, cuisine and a warm tropical climate, Bali holidays have been attractive to tourists looking for luxury all inclusive holidays and hotels and those looking to spend a relaxing break soaking in the sunshine whilst sipping on exotic cocktails.

The idea of a Bali honeymoon is also becoming increasingly popular with newly-weds. Seminyak has some of the most magnificent beaches in Bali for those wishing to enjoy a laidback, relaxing break in the sunshine.

Ubud is a village cluster which attracts visitors keen to learn about Balinese culture and tradition, while Kuta offers plenty of night life for party animals. There really is something for everyone in Bali.

Bali Market

Bali Market

There is an increasing number of visitors booking Bali holidays from all over the world, flights fly frequently and directly to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, often known as Denpasar International Airport, located in Southern Bali.

It is very easy to fly to the island from locations all over the world. A flight from Jakarta to Bali is 1.5 hours, to Singapore, 3 hours and to Melbourne just 6 hours. One thing is for sure, whether you are looking for holidays to Bali, an exciting tour of the country or your dream honeymoon, this sensational island certainly has a lot to offer.

Laura Johnson the author of the “Bali Holidays – Why you should visit Bali” is a travel writer from Hull who visited Bali on a press trip in February 2013.