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What Will Happen to London after the Olympics?

The London Olympics are coming soon, and London is getting ready by putting up many new tourist attractions and arenas to host the games. They are also building and expanding venues to house the large crowds. That is great, but what is going to happen to London after the Olympics?

Some people are worried that it will turn up like the Chinese Olympics with tourist attractions and arenas that are going largely unused. England thought about this, and they have done some very smart things to ensure they do not waste resources. Click here to read more »

The Great Walks of New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the world’s best trails with its Great Walks network. These trails are all maintained by a very capable staff that keeps them pristine throughout the year. The trails mostly wind around the back country of New Zealand, and they give you the opportunity to see New Zealand in a whole new way.

Here are some of the best walks that New Zealand can offer, and you are sure to find one that will enchant you. Click here to read more »

The World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes

There are disagreements about which are the worlds’s most dangerous volcanoes, and this is at least in part because there are different ways of determining the danger presented by any single volcano. Researchers can consider things like the number of people living near the volcano and likely to be directly affected by an eruption, as well as the volcano’s history, how frequently it erupts and how violent the eruption is likely to be. Click here to read more »

World`s Best Festivals in Autumn

Many travelers think of autumn as the best time of year to take a vacation. The hot destinations start to cool off and depending on the destination, the fall colors start to take hold and create a glorious backdrop for experiencing an area’s charms and events.

In fact, as the temperatures drop, the fall festival season around the world starts to heat up. Here is just a taste of yearly international celebrations and holidays that can be the highlight of any vacation. Click here to read more »

Five Unusual Things to Do in Brugge, Belgium

Brugge may not come off as the most exciting place in the world upon first inspection, but a closer look reveals a vast array of fun and unusual activities that you can participate in. If you are looking for some fun, then you can definitely find it here with these uncommon and unique experiences that you don’t find in most other places.

Try out these different activities to get a new look at the Brugge area. Click here to read more »

Mexico: Resort vs. “Real”

Mexico: Resort vs. “Real”Tequila shots, college students, and unlimited food – these are three of the things travelers are sure to find when they venture to a Mexican resort.

While all-inclusive resorts are certainly a great way to save money while traveling, do they really allow tourists the ability to experience the country they are visiting? The answer to this question is usually no.

Mexican resorts are usually full of every type of person except Mexicans. While a traveler may encounter waitstaff and other employees that are Mexican, most of these individuals will speak English. Because they are working, interaction with these natives will be limited and will provide little insight into what the Mexican culture is truly like.

While authentic food may be available at restaurants and a few dishes placed on the buffet table, most tourists will get little exposure to the different Mexican dishes that natives eat on a daily basis. Mexican resorts can surely provide tourists with an amazing vacation, but it is likely they will leave with little cultural enlightenment. In order to truly experience the Mexican culture, one must explore the real Mexico. Click here to read more »

World’s Best Summer Festivals

Summers are all about family, friends, fun, and food, and every corner of the world seems to be agreement. Every summer, some of the largest festivals in the world take place during the summer months.

Concerts, carnivals, parties, and more highlight some of the greatest festivals that take place throughout the course of the long year. These festivals can draw hundreds of thousands of people over the course of the festival to enjoy quality family and friend time, some of the world’s most renowned foods, fantastic music, and more. Click here to read more »