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5 Great Ways to Explore Queensland

Whether on holiday or simply moving around the state, Queensland gives you plenty of simple ways to get around. The entire state is well connected and if you are looking to visit different spots or simply get around for business, you can find plenty of routes, modes and ways to do so. Whether you take it into your own hands to travel or simply take public modes of transport, you will find your journey peaceful and safe.

Here’s a look at the various ways you can find your way across Queensland.

Flying High

queensland-by-planeThere are plenty of airlines out there that would fit any budget that you might be looking for. International flights come in, from all over the world, into Queensland and these airlines also offer numerous regional carriers that continue this service within the state. Some of their schemes allow you to pay only for the exact number of miles you fly and not about the route of the plane.

Every regional hub, port and city is extremely well connected and even the outback is a part of the routes that these airlines cater to. For some off-beat locations, you can even find a bunch of smaller airlines that offer chartered flights into the outback, especially when special events are taking place.

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Festival Season in Queensland Australia

The season of festivals is something that we all look forward to, whether we are visiting a place or simply living there. When you think of traditional festivals and holidays, people normally think of places that are away from modern cities and towns. The perception is that the people in these places are too busy with their lives to enjoy the traditions and celebrations of old.

However, Brisbane is a shining example of the fact that no matter how large or prosperous a city might be, it doesn’t get that far without knowing where it came from. Click here to read more »

Infographic – Smart Phones on Holiday

Mobile Phones on Holiday

Technology has always had massive impacts on the way people travel, from the advent of cheap air travel to online bookings, but one of the latest is the smart phone. With amazing functionality packed into your pocket, smart phones are allowing us to play and manage our travel on the move, find or way and even to work from abroad.

This new info-graphic from Cheap Flights shows us how smart phones are influencing our travel habits, and how different tribes of smart phones owners (Apple, Android and Blackberry) like to do different things an visit different places while away.  Enjoy!

Smart Phones on Holiday – how do you travel? |Infographic

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Top 5 Holiday Injuries

Holiday Injuries

A blissful break in the sun or a sightseeing trip around far and distant lands is many people`s idea of a perfect escape from the hurly burly of everyday life.

However, very few holidaymakers stop to think about the problems that could crop up, ruining their long-awaited trip and ending up in a personal injury compensation claim.

The risk of food poisoning in foreign countries has received much publicity, yet a large number of Brits holidaying abroad still end up spending a large portion of their holiday either locked in their own bathroom, or even worse, in hospital.

Sometimes, simply over-indulging in new foods can be enough to upset a delicate tummy but more often than not, food that has either been subjected to less than rigorous hygiene standards or left in warm temperatures for long periods are the cause.

Those staying in the UK may think they need not worry but buffets left out all day are prone to building nasty bacteria, even if the temperatures aren`t exactly tropical. Cruise ships are another frequent cause of food poisoning as the meals are prepared in one huge galley meaning that outbreaks can be on a large scale.


Holiday Injuries - Sea dangers

Animals are another prime cause of accidents and tourists need to take care when visiting countries with dangerous scorpions, snakes and spiders. Thanks to Jaws, most swimmers take a good look before entering tropical waters.

However, although snorkelers and scuba divers may be on the lookout for a tell-tale fin, a surprising number don`t stop to think about the dangers that lesser known exotic fish can cause which result in severe injury or even death.

However, by far the highest number of animal-related injuries arises from more run of the mill animals such as livestock or dogs. Failure to properly mark fields with signs for aggressive or dangerous animals or keeping animals on public thoroughfares can cause unwanted confrontations, which end in hospital treatment.

Active holidays

Hang gliding on holidays

Increasingly, people are opting to enjoy active holidays rather than just lie in the sun for a fortnight. Whilst this can be a great way to burn off the frustrations of the daily grind, it provides numerous risks that are not just associated with a lack of ability to stay upright on a pair of skis.

Poor equipment

Equipment that has not been serviced regularly, poor health and safety protocols and missing or poor signposts can all contribute to accidents during outdoor pursuits, which are not supposed to be dangerous.

Planes and Trains

trains on holidays

But the risks can start before holidaymakers even reach their destination, as road travel in some overseas countries is notoriously risky and far more dangerous than any plane journey, which is the major source of worry for some travellers.

Older, out of condition vehicles coupled with roads that have not been regularly maintained mean that the number of accidents in buses, unlicensed taxis and rental vehicles is far higher than back in the UK.

For those eschewing vehicles for their holiday, a romantic walk along the beach can end in a nightmare with a number of holidaymakers either injured by exposed nails or fittings or left fearing the worst after being pricked by a discarded syringe.

Take advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK offers travellers up to the minute advice and information and in order to prevent succumbing to a preventable danger, it is a good idea to check their website before setting off.

However, if the worst happens, there is legislation such as the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992 which protect tourists when holidaying abroad with a UK-based firm.

This guest post was contributed by Leyla, an aspiring blogger who enjoys writing about all things travel-related! She is currently writing on behalf of EAD Solicitors, a well-established law firm based in Liverpool, who have long-standing expertise in a range of legal issues including personal injury, medical negligence and road traffic accidents.

A fitness holiday in Europe


running-fitness holidays

When it comes to losing those unwanted extra pounds that tend to accumulate at the end of the Christmas holiday season, the challenge most people face is incorporating healthy eating and exercise into their regular day-to-day routines.

An increasingly popular way of dealing with the problem is to combine getting into shape with a mini break. Though you can take this kind of trip to anywhere in the world, the fitness holidays Europe has to offer have a number of distinct advantages.

Not only is there a wide range of stunning resorts to choose from, but they are all close enough to ensure you won’t have to deal with jet lag during your stay or on your return.

Bad Habits
If you’re in the same surroundings every day, it’s much harder to break your bad habits. You start out with good intentions, only to see them fall by the wayside after a few weeks or often just a few days. It’s the reason gyms are full to capacity for the first two weeks of January and then back to normal by the middle of February.

With busy work schedules and social lives, it’s all too easy to postpone sessions at the gym or save time by tucking into high-fat ready meals or fast foods. A fitness holiday is a great way to help get both your body and mind back into peak condition.

Yoga - women fitness holidays

Healthier Routine
A fitness holiday need not be torture. If you are expecting hours of punishing, sweaty exercise followed by meals of cottage cheese and carrot sticks, then don’t worry. The key is to get used to a new, healthier routine. The best fitness holidays put almost equal emphasis on both eating well and adopting a new exercise routine.

You can stay in a beautiful hotel, drink wine and eat delicious food, yet still end up losing weight and feeling fitter, thanks to a regime of daily massages, yoga classes, circuit training or hikes.

The level of exertion is entirely your own choice. The Vendura Golf and Spa Resort in Sicily, for example, has a choice of spa programmes, including a detoxifying raw-food diet or a muscle-building and toning experience.

The SHA Wellness Clinic on the eastern coast of Spain provides a carefully selected macrobiotic diet which, by removing caffeine, animal fats and sugar, provides almost immediate benefits.

Fitness Holidays Resorts

Dedicated Resorts
The advantage of such dedicated resorts is that everyone staying there has the same goals. It means there is less chance of being distracted or led astray.

You won’t be able to gorge yourself with unhealthy choices from the menu because there simply will not be any. You won’t have to worry about being disturbed by groups of lager louts because there won’t be any around.

For this reason, holidays focused on well-being can also be a great way to spend truly relaxing, quality time with your partner. Many such holidays include a series of consultations with nutritionists, personal trainers and doctors, so you can return home with a wealth of knowledge about how to maintain a superior level of fitness in the future and a renewed zest for life itself.

This guest post was contributed by Leyla, an aspiring blogger who enjoys writing on diverse travel topics ranging from exotic long-haul destinations to homely holidays in the UK. She is currently writing on behalf of Electric Bloom, who offer reinvigorating wellness holidays which include fitness and weight loss holiday retreats throughout the globe.

Welsh Walks to Put a Spring in Your Step This Winter

wales-farmhouse-hotelsThe area of the North Wales Borderlands, which includes Wrexham, Flintshire and Denbighshire, provides some of the most ideal settings for taking those long winter Welsh walks.

Offering some breath taking landscape scenery and plenty of historical sites, the area is one that should certainly be explored, giving you the opportunity to take in some healthy fresh air at the same time.

The countryside surrounding Wrexham provides plenty of opportunities for a variety of fascinating winter walks through the country parks and woodlands. The country parks include Stryt Las and Alyn Waters, the former noted for its population of great crested newts and the latter for its variety of stunning sculptures.

In fact, there are a total of nine glorious country parks in the area of Wrexham and other areas that include both charming beauty spots and places of historical interest. Indeed, planned walks have been going on in Wrexham for some time.

Known as ‘Walkabout Wrexham’, the walks include those that spread for two or three miles and can be completed in less than three hours in addition to some more challenging routes.

One such Wrexham walk that shouldn’t be missed is the one that includes Erddig. Known as ‘the jewel in the crown of Welsh country houses’, this 18th century house offers a fascinating look at the ‘upstairs-downstairs’ lifestyle of a true home of the gentry.

Fine furniture and interior decor, textiles and historical portraits furnish the interior, whilst the exterior includes stables, mills and sawmills all offset by the glorious landscaped gardens and parkland.

The area of Flintshire is no less impressive for diverse landscapes and areas of interest. Whilst the area boasts over 30 planned routes, one of the highlights includes the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an area of moorland that is notable for its challenging climbs leading to wild lands of breath taking panoramic views.

Welsh WalksFor something less strenuous, the areas of Whitford, Caergwrle and Lanasa provide the perfect setting for more leisurely riverside and farmland winter walks. Alternatively, walking through the areas of Greenfield, Buckley and Halkyn will unearth a treasure trove of fascinating historical heritage.

However, the highlight of this area remains the area of Talacre that includes one of the most popular beach settings around. Here, the golden sands, forever washed over by the beautiful, clear waters of the Irish Sea, stretch for miles. Indeed, Talacre beach is the ideal winter walk location, whatever the weather.

Don’t forget to look out for a special feature of the walk, the stainless steel statue that represents the ghost said to haunt the site.

Another area that is perfect for some on-foot exploration is the area of Denbighshire. Here, there is something for everyone including the fabulous Eglwyseg Escarpment in the Dee Valley and the glorious Vale of Clwyd. The market town of Denbigh itself remains dominated by the castle, built in 1282 and the town also features a local museum (the former County Hall), an art gallery and library.

However, perhaps the ultimate location of this area is Llangollen canal. Situated on the River Dee, this picturesque little town is overlooked by the striking remains of Castell Dinas Bran. Indeed, this area remains one of the most popular haunts for tourists looking for some great walks.

The reasons for this popularity include the fascination held for the home of two aristocratic ladies, Plas Newydd, who eloped here in the 18th century from their Irish homelands. Further highlights include the glorious Horseshoe Pass, Eliseg’s Pillar and Valle Crucis Abbey. Finally, don’t miss out on taking a tour on the town’s fascinating steam railway.

Welsh Walks cadar idris

Leyla Jones, the author of the “Welsh walks to put a spring in your step this winter” is an aspiring blogger who enjoys writing on diverse travel topics ranging from exotic long-haul locations to homely UK destinations! She is currently writing on behalf of North Wales Borderlands, the official website for the North Wales Tourist Board.

Give a Little Twist to Your Beach Holiday

Beach Holiday in Tanzania - Fishing boatFor people living in the world’s northern hemisphere, it can be difficult to find a suitable location for a winter-beach getaway. Increasingly though, southern Africa is becoming popular as a region to head to for enjoyable beach breaks.

Many people venturing to Africa enjoy Tanzania beach holidays, with Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar, being one of the world’s most beautiful coastal locations. The crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean complement the white sand of the beaches perfectly, while fishing dhows cast picturesque shapes on the horizon.

Local delicacies include kingfish, usually eaten with coconut rice, while the nights are warmly enveloping.

South Africa remains a popular destination for tourists, with Cape Town now enjoying a status as one of the world’s most iconic cities. Boulder’s Beach, near Simon’s Town, is a great location for all kinds of seaside activities, whether that be surfing, swimming, or sitting on the sand in the sun.

Local character is provided by the Jackass penguins that inhabit the area, while the boulders from which the beach derives its name provide even more entertainment as places to sit, climb over and even leap into the sea from.

Another South African location is Sodwana Bay, located in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, to the north east of Durban, a place which became South Africa’s first World Heritage Sight in 1999.

Turtles lay eggs on the beaches between November and February and the rock pools off the coast contain thousands of tropical fish, making snorkelling a real joy. The beaches here are superb, consisting of huge sand dunes fringed by a mysterious tropical forest.

Mozambique, to the east of South Africa, is also blessed with some stunning seaside locations. One of these can be found at Tofo beach, Inhambane. Visitors here have the opportunity to swim among whale sharks, as well as enjoy seemingly limitless sandy beaches.

Travellers here can stay in wicker bungalows and feast on massive buttery prawns in the evenings. The surf generated by the waves is also impressive.

Mozambique and Tanzania beach holiday 2015

Lake Malawi is another African location for great beach holidays, with the fishing village of Cape Maclear, also known as Chembe, recognised as a particularly appealing spot.

Its picturesque beaches are used as workplaces by local fisherman, while backpackers’ lodges provide accommodation, giving things a laid-back, hippy-style feel. Some of these turn into bars later in the evening, where visitors can relax after a day spent fishing or enjoying the various water sports on offer in the area.

Uganda can offer a genuinely eccentric location for a break in the form of Banda Island. One of the Ssese Islands, it is owned by a British Kenyan man who lives in what can only be described as a modest castle. It is a small island, just one kilometre by two, where guests can stay in stone huts built by the owner, while activities include hippo spotting and taking advantage of the space and remoteness to relax on the beach.

Crossing to the island from Kasenyi by fishing boat is a charming adventure on its own.

This guest post was contributed by Leyla, an aspiring blogger with a passion for exotic travel. She is currently working on behalf of Tribes Travel, an award-winning fair trade company specialising in independent, tailor-made travel.