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Top 10 destinations by continent

Top Five Spring Break Locations

Thoughts of spring break pop into college kids’ heads the day after New Year’s Day. Some of the prime locations for spring breakers include perennial favorites that have attracted college students for many years.

Many of these locations count on a flock of students looking for a break from school to arrive every year as part of their local economy. Spring break is big business for the locations hosting the annual crowds and big fun for college students looking for some fun in the sun.


This Mexican getaway has long been a spring break favorite. Margarita madness reigns supreme every March and April as students pack the beaches and clubs late into the next morning.

Take a ferry to Cozumel or a bus to Playa del Carmen if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience along sandy beaches with steady waves. Go for a swim or enjoy some snorkeling off the shore at Xel-Ha. Not into the nightlife?

Take a trip to Tulum where lights are out at 10pm. Don’t forget your passport.

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A Guide to the Best Pub Grub in Devon

There are few things better than good food, great drinks and a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. When you are out there, in Devon, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy every single element associated with legendary British pubs.

Here’s a look at some of the best places in Devon where you get the best pub grub:

Drewe Arms

Best Pub Grub in Devon - Drewe arms pub

Drewe Arms – Image by Louise and Colin

When you are near Broadhembury, you are greeted by a beautiful thatched village and an equally beautiful 15th century inn that is the Drewe Arms. The pub has created a brilliant reputation for fantastic fine dining and is constantly booked at all times. If you are looking to walk into this pub, you can forget about it.

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Five Budget Ski Destinations in Europe

Whenever we think of snow-covered winters and skiing, the first thing that comes to our mind are the Swiss Alps, the wonderful Alps in Italy and even those out there in France. However, not everyone can afford those expensive chalets in heavenly settings. So what do you do when you want that skiing fun without all the expensive money they require?

You head on up to these exciting budget destinations of the world!

Jasna, Slovakia

Budget Ski Destinations in Europe - Jasna Slovakia ski resort

Jasna Ski Resort – Image by killMe007

When it comes to size, Jasna is one of the biggest and best ski resorts in Slovakia. A part of the Low Tatras National Park, you rise up to over 2,000 metres and enjoy every bit of the 1,000 metre vertical drop its ski slopes offer. Click here to read more »

How to Find a Great Show in Any City You Travel To

Part of the joy of travelling is enjoying some of the local atmosphere. This includes more than just enjoying dining experiences and area tourist attractions. Finding an entertaining show adds to the experience of travelling.

One of the great joys of enjoying a show when you travel is witnessing an approach to entertainment that you may not have been able to witness in person prior to this point.

Finding those great shows takes a little effort and planning, but the payoff is a travel experience that is even more memorable.

How to Find a Great Show in Any City You Travel To Don’t Think Like a Tourist

When you start your hunt for a great show to enjoy when you are in different city, think of yourself as a resident of that city rather than a visitor.

Ask yourself what you would be interested in seeing if you lived there. This gives you a different perspective when you start your hunt for some entertainment.

Look for a local events calendar online to see what shows are coming up on the dates you will be travelling to that particular city.

Plan Ahead

Some shows have limited availability. You will have a greater selection of seating options and available dates if you purchase your tickets in advance. Start looking for shows as soon as you make your travel plans. Click here to read more »

Cruising Your Way to Health!

cruise-ship 2015

The New Year has come; have you made any resolutions? Maybe you’ve decided that you’re going to spend the year getting fit and fabulous. If your resolution for 2012 was to begin to live a healthier lifestyle, why not kick off your healthy habits on a cruise ship? Beginning your new lifestyle on a fantastic cruise is easy if you know where to look! Here are four health inspired cruises that will allow you to start down the path to a better you in style:

Holistic Holiday at Sea

A voyage aboard the MSC Poesia offers entertainment, luxury and fitness as part of a seven-day holistic cruise. Great for those just beginning a holistic lifestyle, the cruise offers lectures, workshops and consultations led by authorities in holistic and natural health.

During your cruise through the Caribbean you can take cooking classes, enjoy the ship’s spa and job along a course that overlooks the crystal clear waters of the tropics. Three swimming pools, a sauna and spa will introduce you to
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Things to do in Hampshire for families

 Things to do in Hampshire

When you look for a family vacation, what you are effectively looking for is something where everyone can enjoy the holiday. From children of all ages to adults with different kind of interests, these holiday attractions ensure that you have something for every single member of your family.

Hampshire is a bustling holiday destination for people travelling with children and for a very good reason. A great way to explore this area is by staying in touring caravan sites near to local attractions, and then exploring the local area by bicycle or on foot.  There are some fantastic cycle paths and running tracks to explore in Hampshire.

The county is teeming with attractions that guarantee a wonderful time for everyone as historical, cultural and natural attractions, amongst others, pull thousands of people every year. Here’s a look at some of the most incredible attractions that  you just have to visit, if you happen to be in the county with your family. Click here to read more »

Packing Women’s Essentials for Travel

Getting ready for a trip doesn’t have to be a long, involved process. A little creativity and planning can make packing relatively painless with everything you need right there when you need it. Start by eliminating what you know you will not need.

If you are going to Hawaii you can probably skip the parka. If you are heading to Alaska you can probably leave the suntan lotion at home.

Here are a few female travel tips to help you get ready for your trip, including a general list of items that should be on your packing list.


Makeup Basics

• Bras – Take a few comfortable bras. Your main goal when traveling is comfort. In a pinch you can use your bikini top. Just remember to tuck the straps in at the neck and you are all set.

• Personal care items – This includes a hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant or talcum powder, razor, eyeglasses, contacts and related supplies, dental floss, eye mask, hand sanitizer and anything else you use on a daily basis.

• Feminine hygiene products – If you are traveling within the United States, you are fine. You can get whatever you need wherever you travel. However, if you are traveling overseas, you should be prepared since products vary in style and design in other countries. Make a list of what you will need based on the number of days of your trip. Click here to read more »