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Tips for Booking Group Travel

Tips for Booking Group Travel

When it comes to experiencing new things, it’s safe to say that nine times out of ten, the experience is made all the richer when it is share with friends. Heading off on a holiday is one such experience, and whether you’re looking into a luxury Fiji holiday or an adventure through South America, doing it in great company can only enhance the fun.

If you are planning on booking a group holiday somewhere, we’ve got a few tips that will help you make the process a whole lot smoother! Enjoy! Click here to read more »

Soak up in the Sunshine and go to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is located on the edge of the Sonoran Desert. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, and is the only place in the America, with more than 300 days sunny days.


Sunset in Arizona

If you add to that the dramatic mountains view, and desert panoramas you will have fantastic options for hiking, biking, tennis, golf, rock climbing and hang gliding. This place is very popular and an all year around destination. Click here to read more »

The Color of Ecotravel

Ecotravel - National Park in Costa Rica

Costa Rica National Park

Ecotravel. By now we are all familiar with the term. Referred to as the latest trend, ecotourism is the newest buzzword in travel circles and advertising copy.

But what is it? Perhaps the reason its been so easily tagged as a trend is that the definition of ecotravel can get a little gray. Ecotravel is, quite simply, the next generation of travel.

Its definition continues to evolve, but for the sake of simplicity, think of it as a marriage of adventure, discovery and environmental responsibility. Its travel with a conscience, and all sectors of the travel industry are virtually charging down the many paths of ecotourism. This, is a good thing.

Ecotravel is changing the way we think about our vacations. The activism that we often lose sight of in our work-a-day lives is evolving into an important component of our leisure time. Explore, study, interact.

Discover that rest and relaxation does not necessarily mean lying flat on your back on a beach somewhere, staring into the clear blue sky for a week (although we have to admit that sometimes that does not sound like too bad an option either!).

Ecotravel is the newest option for divers and the possibilities are limitless. Swim with orcas in Norway. Study and help researchers collect data on the coral reefs of Roatan, Honduras, or the endangered humpback whale in Costa Rica.

Explore ancient Mayan ruins in Belize. Or go on a non-stop, action-packed ecoadventure in the national parks of Costa Rica. Of course travel is simply one aspect of a world that is using the color green more and more creatively. Click here to read more »

Six Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh has the potential to be a vacation that you never forget. So once reservations for one of the Edinburgh accommodations is complete, it is time to start planning out your time in Scotland. Here are six reasons why a visit to Edinburgh is a must.

Experiencing Royalty

Reasons to Visit Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

One of the first things that will draw you out from your room at any one of the finest Edinburgh hotels is the opportunity to visit several royal locations throughout the area.

The most obvious and most popular place to start is Edinburgh Castle. It has breath-taking views and three sides of the castle are set at the edge of steep cliffs. While in the area you don’t want to miss the Edinburgh Castle Gardens.

However, people often miss this gem because they aren’t sure where to enter or exit. Make sure you do a little research to make sure you don’t miss out. Don’t forget to visit the Palace of the Holyroodhouse as well. Click here to read more »

Go to Florida the North American Paradise Coast

It is winter again, so, it is time to plan a cold-weather getaway. What you will need now?

Only blue sunny sky and white sand beaches.

There are many great destinations in the world, but if you are looking for cultural attractions, great restaurants or easy access to nature, your list is becoming shorter and somehow, Florida is a perfect option.

Along of south-west Golf Coast and Marco Island, Naples, and the Ten Thousand Islands section of the Everglades National Park, Florida’s Paradise Coast is a perfect escape for wintertime. Here, you can find inviting soft sand beaches with amazing water sports to choose off.

If you are not a water sport person, you can steal be active by playing golf and tennis or just go hiking or biking. There are thousands of pristine acres of preserved land. Another choice will be to go to Naples town, pedestrian-friendly and check its history, or go shopping and dining. There is a reason why they call

Paradise Coast, is heavenly beautiful. Click here to read more »

Essential Mongolia – A Gobi Desert Tour

You wouldn’t have thought that a land most well known for expansive grass land would have much to see, but putting down your technological creature comforts and travelling the vast expanses of grass land or desert, you will find a nomadic culture largely unchanged over generations.


Essential Mongolia - Naadam festival in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar

The beauty of the Mongolian capital city is in the embrace of technology and the desire to keep up with the modern world, but entwined deeply are age old traditions, not least in the Naadam Festival in July. Click here to read more »

The UK’s Best Skiing and Snowboarding Locations

Skiiers and snowboarders are already dreaming of hitting the slopes once again as winter sets in. But you don’t need to travel too far or even hop on a plane if you’re itching to take to the pistes, as the UK offers plenty of opportunities to put your skills to the test, warm up for a forthcoming resort holiday or even just try it out to see if snow sports are for you.

From real snow indoor parks to winter resorts in Scotland, you can enjoy taster sessions or skiing and boarding experience days without the huge expense of booking a trip abroad, helping you to blow away the cobwebs or just get a taste of the excitement of the slopes.

Here are some of the best places in the country to hit the slopes without leaving British shores:



Snowdome, Tamworth

The UK’s original ‘real snow’ indoor slope, it was a pioneering destination for skiers and boarders alike when it first opened its doors in 1994.

Recreating an alpine atmosphere and with expert instructors on hand to take you through the basics or help you hone your skills, it is the perfect place to learn or practice, while special events and lessons aimed at freestyle riders are also regularly held on the snowpark ramps, rails, boxes and jumps.

Chill Factore, Manchester

This striking indoor facility boasts the longest real snow indoor slope in the UK, stretching out across 180m offering a challenging introduction or a relaxing ride suitable for all abilities. Click here to read more »