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Top 10 destinations by continent

Road Trip Via The Landmarks

Road Trip - London Big Bus Tour

Image by lOndonCHIC

Do you fancy jumping in your car and driving past the world’s most famous landmarks? Well, check out these fabulous routes and discover some of the coolest sights around! Click here to read more »

Applying For A Passport

Applying For A Passport

Image by pasaporteamerica

People who are seeking to travel or live abroad would naturally have to deal with applying for a passport. For some people, this is a bit tedious but it should not be if you know exactly the way to go.

Passport 101

The first step in knowing how to apply for a passport is in having a basic idea what exactly a passport is.

A passport is an important document that will help verify your personal information, especially your nationality or citizenship. When travelling overseas, you will never be able to leave your home country without being issued with a passport. Click here to read more »

College Searches – West Coast USA

Looking for a U.S. college in a temperate location? Here’s a great list of campuses in desirable locations, from smaller to larger populations.  Taking a West Coast college circuit is an ideal time for parents and their kids to bond before they take this important step in their lives.

Drive to the West Coast or hop aboard a plane, then drive up the coast to spend some quality time checking out prospective colleges. Click here to read more »

Last Stop Quito

By Lisa Shusterman

It was the final stop for us after a year of traveling the world.  We were sure it wouldn’t matter where in the world our last stop would be, we’d just be anxious to get home!  We most definitely would not enjoy our last stop, it would be nothing more than an obstacle; something between where we were and where we wanted to be.

But then there was Quito. Click here to read more »

Guayaquil City

Guayaquil gets a bad rap. There, I said it. I think it’s a shame that Quito wins as everyone’s favorite Ecuadorean city, and tend to create a vision of danger and unrest in Guayaquil. While this reputation may have been deserved some time ago, things have change a lot over the last decade or so and the evidence is everywhere. Click here to read more »

A Birthday on the Inca Trail

By Catriona Spence

Deep in the forest, several thousand metres above sea level, was the last place I expected to be presented with a birthday cake, but there it was: huge, delicious looking and freshly made on the Inca Trail.

Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail

The view of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate, at the end of the Inca Trail

I had just finished school and had decided to take some time off to travel around South America and improve my Spanish. Trekking the Inca Trail was high on my priority list and when I discovered that the only available trek took place over my birthday, I thought it would only make it all the more memorable. Click here to read more »

A travel guide to Piura city

By Catriona Spence

Located almost 900km from Lima, Piura is by comparison a small city.  Founded by Francisco Pizarro in the 16th century, the city’s original cobblestone streets remain, transporting you back to its colonial times. Although many tourists purely use Piura as a stopover destination on their way to the north of Peru or into Ecuador, the city enjoys a rich history and offers a few interesting places to visit.

 Guide to Piura - Plaza de Armas in central Piura

Today the city has a diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds, brought about by the arrival of the Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadores.

This mix of Spanish and native cultures has lead to the variety in local gastronomy.  Aside from ceviche: seco de chavelo and majudo de yucca are popular local dishes.

Food aside, Piura is also known for being the hometown of Miguel Grau, a naval war hero. His old house, located at 622 Calle Tacna, is now a museum and home to various naval history collections.  In addition, those interested in history can visit the Museo de Oro Vicus at 893 Calle Huanuco.

It houses various gold objects from the Vicus sites within the area.  Museum guides are free, although they only offer tours in Spanish.

Furthrmore, Piura is also rich in crafts and pottery, best found in the nearby towns of Chulucanas and Catacaos. Click here to read more »