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Beautiful mini resort in Chan Montenegro

Chan MontenegroChan – resort town situated in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Montenegrin coast. Long beach 1800 meters is divided into two parts with a mountain promontory, forming two – Pearl Beach and Queen’s Beach, which is accessible only by sea.

The combination of coral sand and mountains covered with pines and cypresses, leaves no one indifferent!  In the mini-hotel Villa Demba is 2 Star!

You’ll find everything you need for the entire family
– Sandy beach (500 m) and pure sea
– Solitude among the resort life
– Clean and comfortable rooms
– Mini-kitchens in room

Starting from €8 per person for bed and €18 per person on Full Bord basis.  For reservations and more information, please, contact +38269491241

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P&O Ferries Destination Guide

P & O Ferries depart from Hull to great destinations in Germany and Holland. With great entertainment, delicious food and comfortable ensuite accommodation your holiday starts as soon as you set sail. Overnight crossings ensure that you arrive rested and ready to travel to your European destination.

P&O Ferries


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Four Reasons to Consider Annual Travel Insurance

Beach Many people think that they don’t need annual travel insurance as they travel to low risk countries or purpose built resorts where the likelihood of anything untoward occurring is severely limited.

If you travel mainly within Europe, you may think that a European health card is as good as separate insurance policy.

However annual travel insurance from offers a number of benefits that can still make it a worthwhile investment even if you are unlikely to need some of the features.

Firstly, travel insurance offers a plethora of health benefits. Whilst you may be unlikely to catch a disease or fall ill in many countries you should still be prepared for the worst. Regrettably things can happen that you cannot plan for and you can often incur high fees for medical treatment or emergency room visits.

Having to worry about these things whilst in the middle of a crisis or being unable to afford treatments is a serious worry whilst travelling in foreign countries. In the event of an emergency it is much more beneficial to not have to worry about the extra stress and hassle that can come with medical bills and expenses. As in many aspects of life it is better to err on the side of caution rather than be unpleasantly surprised.

Whilst most of the time this will be unnecessary you can’t risk it becoming an issue, making comprehensive annual travel insurance cover a necessity. Click here to read more »